Decision of Extraordinary General Meeting of myFC Holding AB (publ)

Extraordinary general meeting of myFC Holding AB was held in Stockholm on 27 June 2017.

Resolution on new issue

It was decided, in accordance with the Board's proposal, on a new issue of no more than 2,500,000 shares. The right to subscribe for the shares shall, except for the shareholders' preferential rights, be exclusively attributable to the following companies / persons and with the distribution shown below:

Name Number of shares Subscription Liquidity (kr)
Handelsbanken Hållbar Energi 1,000,000 13,390,000.00
Handelsbanken Microcap Sverige 1,000,000 13,390,000.00
Jörgen Lantto 298,730 3,999,994.70
Palmstierna Invest. AB 74,683 1,000,005.37
Björn Westerholm 15,000 200,850.00
Ulf Henning 7,468 99,996.52
Michael Glantz 2,000 26,780.00
Michael Perselius 3,000 40,170.00
Max Rydahl 3,000 40,170.00
Lan Hu 2,000 26,780.00
Katrin Kortsdottir 1,500 20,085.00
Sean McGee 1,000 13,390.00
Helena Carinci 1,000 13,390.00
Hans Lindblom 3,000 40,170.00
Total 2,412,381 32,301,781.59

Full proposals for decisions are set out in the notice available on the company's website,

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About myFC
MyFC is a Swedish innovation company that develops energy solutions using fuel cell technology. The company’s first product, myFC PowerTrekk, is a hybrid charger that runs on water and salt for small electronic devices. The company launched JAQ, its product platform, in Q4 2015. myFC was founded in 2005 and has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was listed on NASDAQ First North in May 2014. The company’s Certified Adviser is Avanza Bank. For more information, visit 


About Us

Swedish innovation company myFC offers thin, scalable fuel cells that are easy to dimension and adapt to any electric application. myFC develops hybrid technology solutions combining batteries and hydrogen-based micro fuel cells for extended usage and reduced carbon footprint. The company was founded in 2005 and was listed on NASDAQ | First North Growth Market in 2014. Its headquarters are in Stockholm. For more information, visit


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