myFC sign distribution agreement with US distributor

myFC is signing a distribution agreement for its new fuel cell charger, JAQ, for the American market. The company that will distribute JAQ in the USA is the accessory distributer, Mobileistic, one of the market’s biggest distributers of smart phone accessories to mobile operators.

Mobileistic focuses on sales of mobile accessories to mobile operators and works mostly with the North American operators. They will therefore supply myFC with in-depth knowledge of, infrastructure for and service to the American market.

The collaboration agreement does not indicate any binding sales quantities but will be the takeoff for myFC’s launch of JAQ in the North American market, followed up by its product launch at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, CES in Las Vegas, in the beginning of January 2016.

I am very pleased with the opportunity to work together with, in my point of view, the most competent distributers on the wireless market in the USA. This relationship is built upon the common view of how operators can extend and improve their accessories business. myFC’s ambition is to offer our operators’ customers instant green energy, regardless of where the consumer is. Today we can establish that green energy and mobile technology are connected and present a huge opportunity for growth, both for myFC as well as the world.” says Björn Westerholm, CEO of myFC.

For further questions, please contact: 
Björn Westerholm, CEO 
Telephone: +46 (0) 706 56 20 07

About myFC 
myFC is a Swedish innovation company that develops energy solutions using fuel cell technology. The company has so far launched two portable fuel cell chargers for small electronics like cell phones, cameras and tablets. Fuel cells use environmentally friendly technology that enables instant charging from a depleted battery state without ever needing a wall charge. myFC was founded in 2005, has its head office in Stockholm and was listed on the NASDAQ OMX First North in May 2014. The company’s Certified Advisor is Remium Nordic AB. To find out more, please visit


About Us

MyFC is a Swedish innovation company, world leader in micro-fuel cells. myFC develops technology which co-locates batteries and fuel cells and which is charged with a green, hydrogen-generating fuel consisting of water, salt and reactants. The company's offerings LAMINA MAX, LAMINA INcase and JAQ Hybrid are aimed at the smartphone industry while LAMINA REX targets the automotive industry. MyFC was founded in 2005 and was listed on NASDAQ | First North in 2014. Its headquarters are in Stockholm. For more information, visit