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NCC commences project to expand two correctional facilities in Skaraborg

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NCC and Specialfastigheter have signed initial agreements for the expansion of two correctional facilities in Skaraborg. The assignment is to be conducted within the scope of the parties’ strategic partnering agreement and is to commence immediately with a planning phase. The total potential order volume is about SEK 2 billion.

Image: Joakim Kröger, NCC

Specialfastigheter owns and manages several of the country’s most secure properties, such as detention and correctional facilities, police properties, national defense headquarters and courts of law. NCC and Specialfastigheter have now signed a number of phase 1 agreements for the expansion and remodeling of the Tidaholm and Rödjan correctional facilities in Skaraborg.

The assignment will be conducted within the strategic framework agreement that the parties signed in 2019 and will commence immediately. The facilities will be remodeled to become more fit for purpose and to increase the number of places – adding approximately 70 more places in Tidaholm and approximately 100 more in Rödjan. As part of the assignment, the premises will also achieve lower energy consumption and improved operational efficiency.

The projects are being conducted in partnering form between NCC and Specialfastigheter. The same joint team of people from both organisations will cooperate on the projects in order to optimally leverage their collective expertise and experience over time.

“We become more cost efficient and achieve a better end product when we use our collective expertise optimally in a partnering project such as this. The Swedish Prison and Probation Service entails a complex working environment and we look forward to contributing to more appropriate premises,” says Henrik Landelius, Business Area Manager of NCC Building Sweden.

The partnership is to commence immediately with a planning phase, phase 1, for all projects. The construction contracts will be signed successively as agreed by Specialfastigheter and NCC, in pace with the start of the projects, commencing during the first quarter of 2021.

Specialfastigheter has estimated the total order volume for the projects at approximately SEK 2 billion. The sub-projects will be registered as orders on a continuous basis in the Building Sweden business area.

The facilities will be successively brought into use as they are ready and all sub-projects are scheduled to be completed not later than 2025.

For more information, please contact:
Marcus Sandlund, Business Manager, NCC Building Sweden, +46 70 088 73 75
Tove Stål, Manager Media Relations, NCC Sweden, +46 76 521 61 02, tove.stal@ncc.se

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