NCC's Annual General Meeting on April 3, 2001

NCC's Annual General Meeting on April 3, 2001 · Dividend of SEK 4.50 (4.00) per share approved · The Board received renewed authorization to repurchase a maximum of 10 percent of the total number of shares · President and Chief Executive Officer Jan Sjöqvist foresees favorable potential to further increase the return on capital in 2001 · Tomas Billing appointed new Chairman of the Board During his address to the Annual General Meeting, NCC's President and Chief Executive Officer, Jan Sjöqvist, reviewed the Group's development during recent years. "Since 1993, NCC's sales have doubled and we have shown a highly favorable earnings trend. In the past five years, earnings per share have risen from SEK 2.00 to SEK 8.00. The return on equity has risen from a low level to slightly more than 9 percent," noted Jan Sjöqvist, who also commented on the anticipated trend during 2001. "NCC Contracting's earnings will improve in 2001. We expensed adaptation costs in 2000 and are now mobilizing our contracting resources in a new organization. The order backlog entering the current year indicates a substantial increase in high-margin orders compared with the past. With respect to the Group as a whole, a combination of higher earnings, capital rationalization programs and a lower rate of investment indicate that we have favorable prospects of achieving a return on equity of at least 12 percent during 2001. Based on our current strategies and action plans, there is also potential for continued improvements in subsequent years," said Jan Sjöqvist. The Meeting approved the Board of Directors' proposal that an ordinary dividend of SEK 4.50 (4.00) per share be paid. The record date for dividends was set at April 6, 2001. Dividends are expected to be sent to shareholders via VPC (the Swedish Securities Register Center) on April 11, 2001. The Meeting authorized the Board to repurchase a maximum of 10 percent of the total number of NCC shares prior to the next Annual General Meeting. The shares are to be purchased on the OM Stockholm Exchange at prices within the registered span of share prices at each particular purchase occasion. One of the reasons for the repurchases is to cover allotments of options under the Company's rolling options program for approximately 180 senior executives. Within the framework of the options program, 3,143,872 options will be issued and a corresponding number of Series B shares will be transferred to cover requests for exercise of the options. The sale of shares as part of the options program will not result in any dilution of NCC shareholders' current ownership. Based on its authorization, the Board has decided to repurchase a maximum of 10 percent of the total number of NCC shares. To date, NCC has repurchased 3,474,589 Series B shares at an average price of SEK 73.64, corresponding to 3.2 percent of the total number of shares. The Meeting re-elected Antonia Ax: son Johnson, Tomas Billing, Fredrik Lundberg, Carl Wilhelm Ros and Marcus Storch to the Board. Hans Larsson, Per Welin, Jacob Palmstierna and Jan Sjöqvist declined re- election. Jan Sjöqvist will continue to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer until his successor has been appointed. At the statutory meeting of the Board of Directors held directly after the Annual General Meeting, Tomas Billing was elected Chairman of the Board. Fredrik Lundberg was re-elected Deputy Chairmen. Any questions regarding the above may be directed to Hans-Olof Karlsson, Senior Vice President- Corporate Communications (Tel: +46-8-6552279, +46- 70-547 1250), or Annica Gerentz, Investor Relations Manager (Tel: +46-8- 6552204, +46-70-398 42 09). Earnings per share and return on equity, 1996-2000. All of NCC's press releases are available on NCC is one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. NCC has annual sales of approximately SEK 40 billion, with 25,000 employees. The NCC Group is divided into six business areas: Contracting, Housing, Property Development, Industry, Telecom and Service. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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About NCC Our vision is to renew our industry and provide superior sustainable solutions. NCC is one of the leading companies in the Nordics within construction, infrastructure and property development, with sales of SEK 55 billion and 17,800 employees in 2017. The NCC share is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.