NCC´s construction research best in Europe

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NCC's construction research best in Europe NCC won the "Engineering" category for research into self-compacting concrete in the European competition, the Descartes Prize. As a result, NCC also qualifies for the finals in the competition. This is the first time that a Swedish company and a construction company has qualified for the finals in this well-known and renowned research competition, which is arranged by the European Commission. In the mid 1990s, NCC initiated research to develop self-compacting concrete. The main aim is to improve the working environment for concrete casting, which is extremely arduous work. Wear injuries are common among concrete workers, which in many cases result in early retirement. Today, self-compacting concrete is being increasingly used by all of the construction companies in Sweden and approximately 10 percent of NCC's sales of concrete involve the self-compacting type. NCC has been a driving force not only for developments in Sweden, but also initiated the European research project into self-compacting concrete, which has now received this prize. The participants in the research work were Luleå Institute of Technology, the Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute, Betongindustri, the University of Paisley in Scotland, as well as the Vinci construction company and the LCPC research institute from France, Sika from Spain and the Bekaert company of Belgium. The project was partially financed by the European Commission and cost a total of SEK 25 million. "NCC makes goal-oriented investments in research and development. Our development of self-compacting concrete is one such investment that has succeeded extremely well. It is highly satisfying that it has been rewarded in this way," says Jan Byfors, head of Research & Development at NCC Construction Sweden. "We are very pleased and proud of this recognition. Self-compacting concrete is perhaps the most significant innovation within the concrete industry since reinforced concrete was introduced in the mid-nineteenth century. It is additionally stimulating to have NCC and Sweden at the forefront of this development," says Marianne Grauers, project coordinator for the research cooperation project. The winner of the final will be announced at a ceremony at the European Patents Office in Munich, Germany, on December 5, 2002. The other finalists include new medicines for multiple sclerosis, theoretical models for gamma-ray explosions in the universe and new types of circuits in microprocessors. For further information, please contact: Marianne Grauers, Section Manager NCC Construction Sweden Tel +46 8 585 52350 Jan Byfors, Research & Development Manager, NCC Construction Sweden Tel +46 8585 51745 Stefan Lindsköld, EU Coordinator, NCC AB, Tel +46 8585 51819 Gisela Lindstrand, Press Relation Manager, NCC AB Tel +46 8 585 52346 or +46 70 392 9500 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: