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  • NCC to commence construction of schools and day-care center in Pakilanpuisto in Helsinki

NCC to commence construction of schools and day-care center in Pakilanpuisto in Helsinki

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NCC has signed an agreement with the City of Helsinki to construct schools in Pakilanpuisto in collaboration, with strict environmental objectives. The order value amounts to approximately EUR 27 million.

The new day-care and school buildings will house junior and upper comprehensive schools and a youth center and will replace the Havukka and Pakila day-care centers. In addition, the existing junior school building will be renovated. The collaboration agreement will be conducted in two phases, and this order relates to the first phase.

 “We are genuinely passionate about creating new educational environments. In the construction work, we will make use of digital technology and tools that will be employed to create and process information for joint decision making in the project. For example, we will use a drone to measure and map the area,” says Joonas Saikkonen, Head of non-residential buildings at Building Nordics, NCC.

In the new multifaceted and adaptable premises, it will be possible to utilize the floorspace in a better and more efficient way. The premises are being planned together with the end users and will primarily comprise timber buildings, which in this case will minimize the carbon footprint, in accordance with the Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2035 action program.

“The new buildings enable shared use of the premises. Schools and day-care centers can conduct joint operations in secure and purpose-built premises. The energy efficiency while the buildings are in use will be improved by recycling heat produced by the sun, people, lighting and equipment,” says Jarmo Raveala, head of the Premises Services Unit at the City of Helsinki.

The construction will begin in the autumn and is expected to be completed in early 2022. The order will be recognized in the order book for the Building Nordics business area during the second quarter 2020.

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