NCC to renovate healthcare building at Nyköping Hospital

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NCC has been commissioned by Region Sörmland to renovate and remodel a healthcare building at Nyköping Hospital. The order is included in the parties’ strategic partnering arrangement and amounts to about SEK 200 million.

Image by Carlstedt Arkitekter. N3 is the building to the right of the main entrance.

“By modernizing the N3 healthcare building, we are continuing our work to meet future health and medical care requirements in the Sörmland region. The collaboration and the arrangement that we have had with NCC to date has gone very smoothly and it will be exciting to jointly develop our work further,” says Stefan Hillebäck, Project Manager, Region Sörmland. 

The assignment includes the existing N3 healthcare building at Nyköping Hospital. The building was constructed in the 1970s and after expansions, has been used as a healthcare building since the 1980s. The work includes renovation and refurbishment, as well as extensive technical installations to meet the current requirements for advanced technology within healthcare. To some extent, the N3 building will be joined to N54, the emergency healthcare building that NCC is constructing in parallel in 2022.

After completion, N3 will house healthcare operations such as emergency and surgery clinics, operating theaters, and an intensive care unit. Associated spaces such as changing rooms and technical areas to house switchgear, a battery room and a fan room are also being built. The work will commence shortly and the refurbishment is scheduled for completion during the autumn of 2023.

“We have valuable experience from previous construction work here at the hospital; recently the N55 healthcare building was completed and featured a new main entrance. N3 is an important part of the hospital and with great regard for activities currently being conducted there, we – in cooperation with the Region Sörmland – will continue to create premises that meet the future healthcare needs of the region,” says Tom Westerdahl, Project Manager NCC Building Sweden.

The project is part of the strategic partnering arrangement between NCC and Region Sörmland to expand as well as remodel and extend three hospitals in Sörmland: Kullbergska Hospital, Mälar Hospital and Nyköping Hospital. The partnership was initiated and announced in June 2015 and order registration will be carried out on an ongoing basis as construction commences.

The assignment is valued at approximately SEK 200 million and will be registered among orders in the first quarter of 2022 in the NCC Building Sweden business area.

For further information, please contact:
Tom Westerdahl, Project Manager NCC Building Sweden, +46 70 515 49 91
Linda Sällström, Communication partner NCC,

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