DiaGenic presents new data for differentiating Alzheimer’s disease dementia from other forms of dementia with high accuracy

New results from re-evaluation of two separate and previously performed clinical trials show that DiaGenic’s technology has the potential to differentiate dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) from other forms of dementia. In one study, which included 103 patients with AD and 40 patients with other types of dementia and related disorders, AD was correctly identified and separated from other types of dementia with an accuracy of 89%. In a second study which included 25 patients with AD and 30 patients with other types of dementia, the diagnostic accuracy was 82%.

DiaGenic was the first company to launch a blood-based diagnostic product to aid in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The company is currently focused on bringing its second generation products to market. These products are aimed to help identify Alzheimer’s disease, identify patients with mild cognitive impairment who will progress to AD dementia, as well as to help identify individuals with brain amyloid deposits.

“There are several forms of dementia other than dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease. In clinical practice, the possibility to differentiate AD dementia has significant value in deciding on the most appropriate treatment. These new findings are very encouraging to our efforts to bring new diagnostic products to market to the benefit of patients living with Alzheimer’s disease”, said Paul de Potocki, CEO of Diagenic.


Paul de Potocki, Chief Executive Officer

Telephone: +47 2324 8950

e-mail: paul.depotocki@diagenic.com

About DiaGenic ASA

DiaGenic is an innovative Norwegian diagnostic company that seeks to create value for patients, partners and investors by developing innovative and patient friendly in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products for early detection of diseases. The company’s proprietary concept implies that a disease evokes systemic responses in the blood unique for the disease, and which can be measured by using a blood sample. DiaGenic is a world leader in identifying gene expression signatures in blood and is focused on the development of IVD biomarker products in the field of Alzheimer’s disease. The company protects its technology through an extensive patent portfolio. DiaGenic is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. For more information please visit: www.diagenic.com

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