Managing Director Erik Christensen will present DiaGenic ASA at Sweden Bio’s “Life Science Investment Day Scandinavia 2009”, Monday 9 March in Stockholm. The presentation contains new information on the development of biomarker for the pharmaceutical industry. Please find enclosed the presentation material.

The presentation contains new information on the market for biomarker discovery, where DiaGenic now has received positive feedback regarding both the relevance of our patents and the demand for blood based biomarkers in the development of new drugs, in particular within neurological diseases. DiaGenic now has a signed term sheet which will form the basis for a biomarker development agreement with the first pharmaceutical company. A final agreement awaits a decision by the pharmaceutical company based on their ongoing studies. The term sheet marks recognition of DiaGenic’s blood-based gene expression diagnostic concept, and establishes the platform for a targeted initiative within biomarkers for the pharmaceutical industry.

For further information about the ”Investment Day” please see the webpage


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