Nel ASA: Issue of shares and exercise of employee share options in Nel ASA

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(Oslo, 2 June 2017) On 1 June 2017, Nel ASA (the "Company") resolved to issue 2,517,967 new shares to employees to fulfil the Company's obligations under the Company's employee incentive plans, thereby increasing the Company's share capital to NOK 150,235,243.80.

On 1 June 2017, the following employees who are primary insiders subscribed for matching shares under the Company's existing share option program:

Name Number of matching shares Exercise price per share Holding after the subscription
Jon André Løkke 220,942 NOK 0.20 647,942
Bent Skisaker 220,942 NOK 0.20 420,942
Anders Søreng 220,942 NOK 0.20 420,942
Bjørn Simonsen 220,942 NOK 0.20 2,126,711
Lars Markus Solheim 220,942 NOK 0.20 15,920,942
Audun Dale 93,901 NOK 0.20 178,901

On the same date, Nel ASA transferred treasury shares for no consideration to the following employees who are primary insiders, to provide the employees with matching shares under the Company's existing share option program:

Name of recipient Number of matching shares Holding of the employee after the acquisition
Jørn Rosenlund 223,829 447,829
Martin B. Pedersen 153,554 318,067

After the transfer, Nel ASA holds 502,707 treasury shares in the Company.


For additional information, please contact:

Bent Skisaker, CFO, +47 4682 1693

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