Nel ASA: Key information relating to subsequent offering to be carried out by Nel ASA

(Oslo, 28 September 2017) Reference is made to the stock exchange notice from Nel ASA (the "Company") on 27 September 2017, regarding a private placement of up to 88 million new shares in the Company (the "Private Placement") and a possible subsequent offering at the same subscription price as in the Private Placement (the "Subsequent Offering").

Date on which the terms and conditions of the potential repair issue were announced: 27 September 2017

Last day including right: 27 September 2017

Ex-date: 28 September 2017

Record date: 29 September 2017

Date of approval: 27 September 2017

Maximum number of new shares: 10,000,000

Subscription price: NOK 2.50

Other information (optional): The Subsequent Offering is subject to the publication of a prospectus approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the board of directors may, in its sole discretion, decide that the Company shall not carry out the Subsequent Offering.

This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Obligations. This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5 -12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

About Us

Nel is a global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store, and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. We serve industries, energy, and gas companies with leading hydrogen technology. Our roots date back to 1927, and since then, we have had a proud history of development and continual improvement of our hydrogen plants. Today, our hydrogen solutions cover the entire value chain: from hydrogen production technologies to hydrogen fueling stations, enabling industries to transition to green hydrogen, and providing fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast fueling and long range as fossil-fueled vehicles… without the emissions.


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