New CEO and new Company address

Ruben Ekbråten (37) has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DiaGenic ASA effective from 1st February 2014. The appointment is temporary for 2 months. Ruben Ekbråten holds the position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in DiaGenic ASA. In addition to his 6 years tenure at DiaGenic he has international experience from several positions within finance at GE Healthcare. Ruben Ekbråten holds an MBA from Heriot Watt University, and a BBA from Norwegian School of Management.

“The Board of DiaGenic are very pleased that Ruben Ekbråten has accepted to be appointed acting CEO. This is an important phase for the company, and the constitution of Ruben Ekbråten ensure competence and continuity in safeguarding the company's affairs” says Chairman Hanne S. Holen.

With reference to the stock exchange notice on 10th January the Company announced reduction in payment obligations based on inter alia earlier termination of the facility lease. As a consequence, the Company will move to new facilities effective from 1st February 2014. The new address for DiaGenic ASA is:

Sjølyst plass 2, 0278 Oslo, Norway


Hanne Skaarberg Holen, Chairman of the Board, +47 982 94 591

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