On March 16 2009 mandatory notifications of trade in DiaGenic ASA took place.
Director, board member and primary insider Praveen Sharma has sold 185.000 shares at NOK 2,50 per share. After the transaction Sharma controls a total of 2.985.000 shares in DiaGenic.
These shares are acquired by:
Morten Sten Johansen, International Business Director and primary insider, har aquired 120.000 aksjer at NOK 2,50 per share. After this transaction Morten Sten Johansen owns 120.000 shares in Diagenic.

Håkon Sæterøy, primary insider and Executive Chairman of the Board of DiaGenic ASA, has acquired 40.000 shares at NOK 2,50 per share. Sæterøy`s overall exposure in the Company after the purchase is a total of 1.343.478 shares.
Ken Bårdsen, Molecular Biologist in DiaGenic, has purchased 25.000 shares at NOK 2,50 per aksje. After this purchase Bårdsen owns 70.000 shares in DiaGenic.

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