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    This agreement with HY-LINE increases our presence in key markets in central Europe. We are happy to partner with HY-LINE to increase the technical and commercial offerings of Neonode products and solutions to customers in this region.
    Neonode CEO Dr. Urban Forssell
    We are impressed with the capability and range of Neonode’s sensor solutions, and we look forward to better solving our customers’ problems and a fruitful collaboration for both companies.
    President of HY-LINE Mr. Guido Bruening
    We are seeing tremendous demand for our holographic solutions in several product categories. Neonode touch sensor modules are a key component to enable these exciting futuristic products.
    Yesar CEO Darcy Shi
    There is a rapidly growing role for contactless technology that is both transformative and accessible. We are extremely proud that Neonode technology is a catalyst to making amazing new products possible.
    Neonode CEO Urban Forssell
    Neonode's touch sensor modules are truly a breed apart from anything we’ve seen. We were able to easily incorporate the touch sensor modules with an in-air projection of a keypad for our elevator customers to provide a futuristic, elegant solution for our times.
    Easpeed CEO Dong Cheng Han
    I am proud that Neonode is able to offer a practical and economical solution to address how the public can safely interact with elevator controls, ATMs, gas pumps, restaurant kiosks and other devices. We call it ‘Contactless Touch.’ We are excited to see early adopter Easpeed swiftly moved forward to roll out their holographic button solution with our products across China.
    Neonode CEO Urban Forssell
    Johan’s experience and track record of success in the B2B technology sector make him an ideal candidate to grow our sensor products business and lead the sales and marketing activities in our business area HMI Products.
    Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode
    Neonode’s sensor products are great enablers for touchless interaction and I am truly excited to build a strong customer base for these revolutionary sensor products.
    Johan Swartz, VP HMI Products
    The past few months have been challenging in light of the global coronavirus pandemic. The company’s operations have been disrupted when we paused all travel and required our employees to work remotely. The pandemic is also affecting our customers and we expect to see sales volumes dropping for several printer and automotive customers. Despite these headwinds, we continue to make progress on our path towards growth with new customer development projects and by actively engaging in new exciting sales opportunities, but, having that said, it is important to note that the lead time to acquiring new and profitable customers is fairly long.
    Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode Inc.
    I am pleased to have Jonas join our management team. His extensive international sales and product portfolio management experience and overall business acumen is a perfect fit to lead and drive the growth of our HMI Solutions business.
    Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode
    I’m extremely proud of the entire Neonode team for coming together and taking care of one another and our customers during these unprecedented times
    Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode
    We are not satisfied with the company’s performance in recent years as an industrial and innovative partner for our customers, but we are confident in the long-term potential of Neonode’s technology. Therefore, we have initiated a thorough review of strategies and opportunities with the aim to better support our customers and by that put the company back on a growth track. We plan to successively implement measures in all areas of operations. Our first priority is getting back to growth, as it is the first step towards achieving profitability. With Urban Forssell as CEO, bringing significant leadership experience and new energy to the team, I am confident that we will succeed.
    Ulf Rosberg, Chairman of the Board of Neonode
    With its strong legacy as a technology innovator and as a trusted supplier of touch and gesture control solutions, Neonode is well positioned to expand into the growing area of solutions for driver and cabin monitoring. Having developed our technology and solutions under the radar for some time, we are now ready to push ahead in this field with dedicated resources.
    Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode
    I began my tenure as CEO at the beginning of the year and accepted the exciting challenge of turning the company into a profitable, customer-focused business. We have a very good base to build upon in the form of a strong technology and IP portfolio along with an impressive customer list and a well-recognized brand. We have also identified some very attractive new markets and specific customer applications for our technology. We are currently engaged with several new customer projects in the automotive, medical and avionics markets. These projects will help us grow our revenues in the short and medium term. We are also in discussions with several customers concerning strategic partnerships that will support our long-term growth. Overall, we are positioning the company to grow revenues in our targeted B2B markets.
    Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode
    The COVID-19 Corona virus outbreak may have a negative impact on the company’s growth and overall business because of the risk for a global economic slowdown and more direct negative effects of the virus outbreak on our customers’ businesses. We are closely monitoring the developments to mitigate the aforementioned risks but also recognize potential opportunities with our optical touch and gesture control for medical and other systems.
    Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode
    There is significant interest for Neonode’s sensor and license technology in the automotive and other key markets but in our business, we have to accept long lead times in acquiring new customer contracts. Having said that, we are not satisfied with the development over the last 12-18 months. Our newly recruited CEO, Dr. Urban Forssell, brings a deep understanding of the automotive markets and has successfully managed embedded technology operations throughout his career. He will add a lot of energy to the company and continue to focus the business on all selected markets and use cases while driving ongoing cost efficiencies throughout the company. The company’s ability to convert the strong customer interest into revenue generating contracts is the absolute key moving forward.
    Ulf Rosberg, Board Chairman of Neonode.
    We have focused on sales, cost efficiency, marketing and technology development during the past few months and now expect to capitalize on our efforts while keeping our cost reduction focus. Over the course of the year, we participated in numerous relevant trade and industry shows where our latest version of our license and sensor module technologies have been well received. Our sales partner networks in North America and Japan have a growing number of opportunities which are in the evaluation and product development phase. We have signed with a sales partner in China, Serial Microelectronics, and they are in the final stages of product orientation and is beginning initial sales efforts. In addition, our distributor, Digi-Key has shipped a significant number of evaluation kits globally, primarily to industrial accounts in the U.S. and Asia. The leads generated through this channel are continuously being qualified by our local representatives and sales partners.
    Maria Ek, Neonode interim CEO and CFO
    We are engaged with automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers in projects such as tailgate sensors and infotainment systems, military ruggidized control panels and medical device control panels to name a few. We are encourgaged by the increasing pipeline of customer discussions and activities that is being driven by the combination of our internal and external sales groups.
    Maria Ek, Neonode interim CEO and CFO
    In summary we have increased our sales and distribution network as well as our understanding of the market for Neonode’s technology. The task going forward will be to deliver revenue by focusing on the best opportunities.
    Maria Ek, Neonode interim CEO and CFO
    I am very pleased to welcome Urban Forssell to Neonode. He brings to the Company a demonstrated track record of outstanding business leadership and high technical skills that will be crucial to Neonode’s success moving forward.
    Ulf Rosberg, Chairman of the Board
    I look forward to joining Neonode and feel inspired to work with the team and the Board of Directors to develop and grow the company. I'm impressed by Neonode's technology base and knowhow and see great potential in the company.
    Mr Forssell
    On behalf of the Board of Directors and Neonode Executive team, we thank Håkan for his valuable contributions to grow our global sales presence and partner network and wish him well in his next endeavors.
    Ulf Rosberg
    We are growing our global sales presence and partner network and have successfully promoted our selected use cases to customers and at numerous trade shows. In addition, we have released updated versions of our product offerings improving our competitive position. These activities have resulted in an increased number of on-going customer discussions and evaluations. I am confident that we have created a foundation that will allow us to achieve future revenue growth and profitability
    Håkan Persson, CEO of Neonode Inc.
    This agreement with Serial is another step in the Company's strategy to increase its sales and marketing presence in key markets, following on our agreement with Convergence Promotions LLC for the North American market announced in March earlier this year. The Chinese market is critical to the Company’s success and we welcome the opportunity to partner with Serial to increase our exposure in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
    Håkan Persson, CEO of Neonode Inc.
    We are impressed with the quality and range of sensor solutions that Neonode has to offer, and we look forward to a very fruitful collaboration for both companies.
    Derek Goh, CEO of Serial System Ltd.
    We continuously evolve our technology to stay competitive from a cost perspective without compromising on performance and user experience.
    Carl Bergendal, Executive VP Sales and Engineering at Neonode
    I am are very happy about the cooperation with Finetek. This agreement greatly expands our technology reach in Asia and beyond, offering manufacturing that meets the requirements for automotive certification and consumer grade application.
    Håkan Persson, CEO at Neonode
    We are seeing increased interest from our automotive and home appliance manufacturing customers in touch and gesture user interaction. We look forward to working together with Neonode to deliver Neonode’s innovative technology to both established and new customers.
    Kang Won-Il, CEO at Finetek
    We are pleased that Peter and Mattias are able to join our Board of Directors and add their experience to the collective knowledge of Neonode. We also thank Åsa and Per for their contributions to our company as directors.
    Ulf Rosberg, Chairman of the Board
    We’re excited to partner with Convergence as we focus our combined energies to serve a broader range of customers with industry-leading touch sensing solutions. Convergence is well positioned to communicate our value proposition on a massive scale
    Håkan Person, President of Neonode
    Our business is to bring new manufacturers to our customers. Neonode offers the feature set and price point that many of our customers have been requesting. Additionally, our initial customers have provided positive feedback on the quality of Neonode’s products.
    Glenn ImObersteg, President of Convergence
    My first quarter with Neonode has been very encouraging. Over the quarter, I met with several of our largest customers and it is clear to me that our technology platforms are very much in demand. Our zForce AIR was launched in Q4 2017 and I am therefore pleased to report that we have made progress with customers in new industry segments and are engaged in several ongoing projects using our sensor modules. This gives me confidence that our strategic plan of adding B2B sensor module sales to our licensing business can be achieved.
    Håkan Persson, CEO of Neonode
    Our licensing business continues to be an important source of revenue and we are actively engaged with customers who are developing new products under our license agreements. We are re-engaging with all our current and new license fee customers and believe this together with the new release of zForce CORE will allow us to grow our licensing business in the global market.
    Håkan Persson, CEO of Neonode
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