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We continuously evolve our technology to stay competitive from a cost perspective without compromising on performance and user experience.
Carl Bergendal, Executive VP Sales and Engineering at Neonode
I am are very happy about the cooperation with Finetek. This agreement greatly expands our technology reach in Asia and beyond, offering manufacturing that meets the requirements for automotive certification and consumer grade application.
Håkan Persson, CEO at Neonode
We are seeing increased interest from our automotive and home appliance manufacturing customers in touch and gesture user interaction. We look forward to working together with Neonode to deliver Neonode’s innovative technology to both established and new customers.
Kang Won-Il, CEO at Finetek
We are pleased that Peter and Mattias are able to join our Board of Directors and add their experience to the collective knowledge of Neonode. We also thank Åsa and Per for their contributions to our company as directors.
Ulf Rosberg, Chairman of the Board
We’re excited to partner with Convergence as we focus our combined energies to serve a broader range of customers with industry-leading touch sensing solutions. Convergence is well positioned to communicate our value proposition on a massive scale
Håkan Person, President of Neonode
Our business is to bring new manufacturers to our customers. Neonode offers the feature set and price point that many of our customers have been requesting. Additionally, our initial customers have provided positive feedback on the quality of Neonode’s products.
Glenn ImObersteg, President of Convergence
My first quarter with Neonode has been very encouraging. Over the quarter, I met with several of our largest customers and it is clear to me that our technology platforms are very much in demand. Our zForce AIR was launched in Q4 2017 and I am therefore pleased to report that we have made progress with customers in new industry segments and are engaged in several ongoing projects using our sensor modules. This gives me confidence that our strategic plan of adding B2B sensor module sales to our licensing business can be achieved.
Håkan Persson, CEO of Neonode
Our licensing business continues to be an important source of revenue and we are actively engaged with customers who are developing new products under our license agreements. We are re-engaging with all our current and new license fee customers and believe this together with the new release of zForce CORE will allow us to grow our licensing business in the global market.
Håkan Persson, CEO of Neonode
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