Nightingale Health appoints lead financial advisor to explore different financing options

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Nightingale Health Oy (“Nightingale” or “the Company”) has appointed Swedbank AB (publ), Finnish Branch as the lead financial advisor to explore different financing options, including possibilities for an Initial Public Offering by listing the Company’s shares on Nasdaq Helsinki First North.

Nightingale has reached material milestones in its technology and product development. The Company has launched its first independent direct-to-consumer product in Finland and acquired the status of a private healthcare provider according to Finnish legislation. The demand for the new product offering has been very encouraging. Importantly, the feedback received from the Company’s customers as well as from the other peer groups, such as media and investors, has very clearly emphasised the importance of the Company’s mission: Providing better health information to everyone will enable everyone to take better care of themselves, ultimately creating a new global preventative health system.

Moreover, the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis has further demonstrated that global health systems cannot rely solely on their capabilities to take care of the sick. Pandemics, such as COVID-19, but also the key chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, will bring any health system to its knees as there are not enough resources to take care of all the sick.

Therefore, the sustainable solution is to build a parallel health system specialised in disease prevention. Together, the effective disease prevention as well as the sick care capabilities will create a healthier world. “Providing better health information tools for individuals is the logical way of delivering preventative health. This not only helps individuals live healthier lives but also contributes to solving the global burden of chronic diseases,” said Teemu Suna, founder and CEO of Nightingale. 

The Company’s cutting-edge technology is a new generation preventative molecular technology, and, after several years of successful R&D, Nightingale is ready to start the global commercial roll-out.

With this, the Company is re-iterating its strategy to make its services available worldwide to enable preventative health solutions. This important global mission, and starting the commercial roll-out phase, needs to be comprehensively financed with globally competitive funding solutions.

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Teemu Suna, CEO, Nightingale Health Oy

Mika Karikoski, Head of Corporate Finance Finland, 
Swedbank AB (publ), Finnish Branch
mobile: +358 (0) 407416959

Nightingale Health
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Nightingale Health is health tech company transforming preventive care. We envisage a world that focuses on keeping people healthy rather than just treating illnesses. With our pioneering blood-testing services, we provide deep health insights and can measure the effects of lifestyle interventions that are invisible in standard lab tests. The deep knowledge fuels scientific discoveries, industry developments, and encourages people to make positive lifestyle changes that take their health forward.