Timo Soininen joins Nightingale as Chairman of the Board

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Finnish health tech company Nightingale Health Oy (“Nightingale”) announced today that Timo Soininen, co-founder and former CEO of Small Giant Games, has joined the company as Chairman of the Board. This is a very important development for Nightingale, as after an extensive five years of R&D phase, the company is now rapidly expanding the global commercial B2B and B2C operations of its health data platform as well as exploring the possibilities of an IPO in the coming months. 

Soininen is one of Europe’s most successful serial entrepreneurs, a digital marketing professional and an active growth company investor. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Small Giant Games, one of the fastest-growing mobile gaming companies in the world. Under Soininen’s leadership, Small Giant Games grew its revenue from zero to 328M EUR in three years. In December 2018, 80% of the company was acquired by Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA) at USD 700mn valuation.  

“Nightingale’s health data platform has a leading-edge in the global megatrend of consumers wanting to manage and improve their health. It’s a privilege to join Nightingale’s exceptional team and work together towards establishing Nightingale’s technology as the new global standard for preventive health,” said Timo Soininen, Chairman of the Board of Nightingale.

“We are thrilled to have Timo join us. His vast experience in building consumer-centric companies in the digital world will play a key role in Nightingale’s next phase of growth, as we aim to build a more sustainable, engaging and people-oriented preventive healthcare system,” added Teemu Suna, Founder and CEO of Nightingale


Building sustainable preventive care 

Nightingale’s health data platform is a unique combination of a pioneering blood-testing technology and an ability to use the blood-based data to detect future disease risks. “Next, our goal is to utilise the platform’s capabilities to establish foundations for a primary care system that helps prevent diseases by equipping people with better information about their health,” said Suna. 

This new system becomes a part of people’s daily lives by connecting them with personalised preventive health services and helping them take better care of themselves using Nightingale’s health insights and continuous feedback.

“The ongoing global COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that the current healthcare operations will break if there is a significant increase in the number of people falling sick. The solution is, therefore, to build a parallel health system that specialises in disease prevention. Effective disease prevention together with treatment care, will create a healthier world,” added Suna.


IPO on the horizon  

This global expansion, and the commercial roll-out phase, needs to be financed with competitive funding solutions. Nightingale, therefore, recently appointed Swedbank AB (publ), Finnish Branch as the lead financial advisor to explore different options, including possibilities for an Initial Public Offering by listing the company’s shares on Nasdaq Helsinki First North. 

“The goal is to make Nightingale a major international growth company over the next five years by collaborating with the existing health industry and placing solutions that improve people’s health at the heart of our expansion strategy,” said Suna.

For further information: 

Teemu Suna
Founder, CEO, Nightingale Health Oy 
email: teemu.suna@nightingalehealth.com 

Timo Soininen
Chairman of the Board, Nightingale Health Oy
email: timo.soininen@nightingalehealth.com

Nightingale Health is a health technology company transforming preventive care. We envisage a world that focuses on keeping people healthy rather than just treating illnesses. By combining our pioneering blood-testing technology and the ability to detect future disease risks comprehensively, we are creating a world-leading health data platform that enables better preventative care with better information. The platform helps people make better personal health decisions and connects the health industry to offer their services for individuals’ preventative needs. By empowering the world with better health insights, we accelerate scientific discoveries, industry developments and betters personal health for everyone.