Nilar batteries power the world’s first supercharged electric ferry

Nilar’s bi-polar Nickel-Metal-Hydrid (NiMH) energy storage represent a new generation of batteries that deliver high power instantly and can be charged very quickly. At the core of the technology lies a safe and robust chemistry without toxic heavy metals. In 2014, these batteries were installed to power the first supercharged electric ferry in the world, called Movitz. 

Movitz operated for many years as a conventional vessel on a route between Solna Strand and Gamla Stan in Stockholm. During the summer of 2014, the boat was retrofitted as part of a project supported by the Swedish Energy Agency. The diesel enginge of the 23-metre vessel was replaced by two electric motors powered by super-advanced NiMH 180 kWh batteries from Nilar. With just ten minutes of charging, Movitz could run for a whole hour while carrying more than a hundred passengers, needing around 90 kW to cruise at 9 knots.

The launch of Movitz – the world’s first supercharged electric ferry – marked a momentous occasion for electric transportation, for the marine industry, and for Sweden”- Concludes Jan Lundquist, Sales Manager at Nilar.  

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About Nilar

Nilar brings you the next generation in modular power technology with the bi-polar NiMH energy storage. The unique construction of the battery delivers incredible power and reliability from a lighter, smaller and greener unit. Furthermore, the modular design allows batteries to be coupled in parallel and series to deliver the power and capacity required to meet virtually any need. Put simply, Nilar batteries deliver more from less.

Since it was founded in 2000 by two of the leading experts from the battery industry, Nilar has always sought to challenge the norms of the industry. From its two R&D departments in the USA and Sweden, the company has revolutionized the way industrial batteries are constructed – developing a unique energy storage system that can be easily scaled to fit different applications. Today, the batteries are produced at the company’s state-of-the-art factory in Sweden.


About Us

Nilar was founded in 2001 as a research project by leading battery industry experts from Europe and the US. The company has been producing advanced Hydride® batteries (NiMH) for energy storage at commercial properties, private households, industrial plants and for use with the smart grid, since 2015. Nilar’s Hydride® energy storage solutions are robust, fireproof and durable, with a low lifetime cost. The modular design supports scalability to handle the energy requirements of everything from small residential systems to large-scale electrical installations. With R&D departments in the US and Sweden, and a manufacturing plant in Sweden, Nilar is revolutionizing energy and power supply technology, and is taking automated battery production to the next level.Read more at:




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The launch of Movitz – the world’s first supercharged electric ferry – marked a momentous occasion for electric transportation, for the marine industry, and for Sweden
Jan Lundquist, Sales Manager at Nilar