That Nilar is awarded yet another research grant is both a seal of approval on our R&D ability and at the same time it shows the need for more research collaborations to enable tomorrow's energy solutions. Batteries are a crucial part of the green transition, and it is important to continue to develop the batteries' performance, production and circularity.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International AB
ReOx 2 shows that Nilar has the technology in place. We have a business plan that focuses on continued product development for more market segments, larger production volumes and lower costs. This is another important step towards achieving increased sales and larger volumes.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International AB
For Indutecc Renewable Solutions, part of the Schuurman Group, this is an important collaboration. Nilar has developed a unique technology with good performance, high safety and unique sustainability properties. Combined with our proficiency in BMS, EMS, and solar energy, we have crafted an answer to the contemporary energy challenges of our time. This partnership not only fortifies our dedication to sustainability goals but also underscores the core essence of Indutecc Renewable Solutions: providing unparalleled value through pioneering technologies and eco-friendly practices. Together with our esteemed partners, Nilar, Enequi and SRP, we are not just shaping the future of energy; we are redefining it.
Rino van Deventer, CEO of the Schuurman Group
We thank Marie Fossum Strannegård for her valuable contribution to Nilar's development work and wish her the best of luck in her future assignments. With a long background in innovation, she brings expertise that is important for the green transition.
Gunnar Wieslander, Chairman of the Board of Nilar International AB
Nilar's unique technology is the Company's main asset and together with our partners we reach the market segments where our batteries are most useful. The updated ReOx® 2 battery in 2024 and the all-new battery in 2027 are crucial for Nilar's ability to reduce costs and reach targeted profitability. At the same time, our established customer segments benefit from better performance.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International AB
We need to develop Nilar's production capacity to enable more efficient production of Nilar's innovative solutions. Large parts of the existing production lines will be able to be used, which is why the costs will be significantly lower even if we are in practice building a completely new production facility.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International AB
That the innovation program RE:Source grants us this research support is an important recognition of Nilar and our research partners' pioneering work in battery recycling technology. The goal is to improve the possibility of reusing spent electrode material, which both promotes a sustainable and circular economy and contributes to improved performance of the new batteries.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International AB.
Nilar continues to develop the business in line with our new strategy. During the first quarter of the year, several milestones were reached, which both confirm Nilar's prominent position in innovation and that our solutions are attractive for new integration projects. Together with new partners, we will continue to drive the development of smart energy storage solutions, while broadening our market segments. During the first quarter, the high pace of change work that characterized the previous year continued.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International
The agreement we sign with Indutecc is the largest in Nilar's history. It is not only a statement of strength for our unique batteries with a focus on safety and sustainability, but also an important step closer to our high-set goals.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International
Nilar's unique battery technology with strong advantages in sustainability and safety fills an important and clear need in the market as well as for the green energy transition. With the new agreement, we ensure an important piece in being able to offer high quality energy storage solutions with innovative functions for our customers energy challenges.
Rino van Deventer, CEO of Schuurman Group.
Currently, Nilar is seeing a very positive development. We have initiated several new collaborations, launched a new battery, and gradually increased the production rate. Indutecc will be an important long-term partner, and Nilar's batteries will be integrated into a high-quality solution targeting broader market segments.
Erik Oldmark, CEO at Nilar International AB.
The demand for energy storage is increasing rapidly, not least as a result of high energy prices and limited capacity in the grids. Nilar's batteries provides a unique technology with several advantages in terms of safety, sustainability, and performance. By integrating Nilar's batteries into our overall solutions, we can offer better solutions to our customers.
Rino van Deventer, CEO at Schuurman Group.
At our factory in Gävle, we develop and produce one of the world's most durable and safe batteries. The doubling of the production rate also means that we are fully in line with our long-term goals and plan for volume growth.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International AB.
Ulf Sandegren has the profile we are looking for, with experience from different levels within finance as chief accountant, controller, and CFO. Together with Ulf, I look forward to implementing the strategy of Nilar going forward and reaching our targets.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International AB
The letter of intent is a milestone in Nilar's strategic approach. Mc Energy complements existing collaborations and offers additional areas of use for Nilar's advanced battery technology.
Erik Oldmark, CEO Nilar International AB.
Until today, batteries that have reached their practical lifespan have been exhausted and unusable. With ReOx technology, our batteries can be restored to their original storage capacity at least 3 times, which can further extend the life by several years. This means both greatly reduced resource use and major cost savings for the users. This is obviously a big and important step forward for Nilar.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar International AB.
We look forward to working closely with Enequi to develop customized and cost-efficient solutions based on Nilar's batteries and BMS. Enequi has both the technical knowledge and capability required to create integrated solutions where our batteries and Enequis' control work together optimally
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar
Our customers are looking for safe and reliable energy storage solutions that can provide them with sustainable and stable energy supply. Through our partnership with Nilar, we strengthen our offering and create the conditions to accelerate our growth in Europe
Håkan Svärd, CEO of Enequi
The partnership with Enequi is an important step in achieving our goal of signing strategic agreements in 2022 and 2023 with key integrators for jointly developed solutions aimed at our leading customer segments. We thus follow the roadmap set out in our revised business strategy, which was established at the beginning of 2022. Based on our unique product benefits, we continue to develop our batteries and our offering. We have high ambitions and, together with select partners, we strive to become a leader in optimized solutions for customers who are looking for high-performance, cost-effective, safe, and sustainable energy storage
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar
Nilar is a very interesting technology company with an important place in the green transition. With its unique attributes, the conditions are great for Nilar's batteries to set a new industry standard for safety, sustainability, and longevity. I look forward to continuing the work of developing the company's position in an expanding market in the role of chairman, together with the board and the management team.
Gunnar Wieslander
I look forward to working with Gunnar Wieslander to lead Nilar's continued development. I am convinced that with his background and solid experience, he will be an excellent chairman to continue driving Nilar's exciting journey.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar
Nilar is a very interesting technology company with an important place in the green transition. With its unique attributes, the conditions are great for Nilar's batteries to set a new industry standard for safety, sustainability, and longevity. I look forward to continuing the work of developing the company's position in an expanding market in the role of chairman, together with the board and the management team.
Gunnar Wieslander
I look forward to working with Gunnar Wieslander to lead Nilar's continued development. I am convinced that with his background and solid experience, he will be an excellent chairman to continue driving Nilar's exciting journey.
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar
The market for energy storage is still in its infancy and it’s with great optimism that I look forward to the coming years. There is a strong momentum in the market where we have a unique position and potential to play a vital role in enabling the sustainable energy system of the future
Erik Oldmark, CEO of Nilar
With good shipping connections to Sweden and very good access to green energy from a large local wind farm, it was easy for Nilar as one of Europe’s most energy efficient battery producers to choose Paldiski as the location for the establishment of our next production facility. Through RRK we have the perfect partner to help us establish the company quickly in Estonia. Another factor is that Estonia has direct rail connections to Nickel production sites in Russia and in China, which may help to reduce logistics times.
Erik Oldmark, Nilar's CEO
We are excited to work with Nilar to help establish high-tech precision battery manufacturing in Estonia. Our site in Paldiski is close to Tallinn with its technical resources, and close to Keila with its large electrical equipment manufacturing base. The cooperation with Nilar in planning the rebuilding has been smooth, so we are very happy with having Nilar as an important tenant.
Jarno Sild, Nilar’s contact person at RRK
Our collaboration with Ferroamp and Soltech helps us highlight the pavilion themes of innovation and sustainability. The synergy created through these integrated systems can meet societal needs as we move towards electrification.
Jan Lundquist, Head of Sales & Marketing of Nilar
Scaling up fast is hard for anyone, especially in Covid-19 times, with supply-chain instability. So far, we have been fortunate not to be hit by major component shortages, as have so many of our industrial colleagues. And we do look forward to soon ending the stringent Covid-19 induced strictures, like complete separation of shifts and the need to close down all production processes between shifts – an incredibly crippling safety regime.
Marcus Wigren, CEO.
By now, I have been with Nilar for over 14 years. When I joined, Nilar was an R&D development project, having recently created its first fully functional prototypes. Since then, Nilar has been on a tremendous growth path. And I, together with a small team of leaders, have been a key player in every development step, having been responsible for product management, sales, and for the past five years as CEO. I am proud of having been the leader of the team that took the company public a few weeks ago. After 14 exciting, but also hugely challenging, years, it is time for me to hand over the baton to a new leader and embark on my next project.
Marcus Wigren
Nilar is currently one of few European producers of advanced batteries that are fully integrated, from cell to system. From early prototypes, Marcus has led teams in several functions. In particular, he has been instrumental in Nilar’s rapid evolution from a battery cell manufacturer to a supplier of complete energy storage systems, including electronics and advanced battery management systems. Much of this path has been walked in close cooperation with early trial customers, who saw the unique potential in Nilar’s way of creating a competitively differentiated offering. Without Marcus’ capability of forging close and synergistic customer relationships across Europe, and in several key application areas, this would never have been possible. With his vision, deep technical understanding as well as commercial knowledge, Marcus is a unique all-round business leader. What of course makes Marcus special is his unparalleled people leadership, keeping the technical and commercial development teams together through ups and downs. Marcus has played a very significant role in the development of Nilar and the process of taking the company to the recent public listing on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market, and we sincerely wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
Michael Obermayer
We shall sorely miss Marcus. But whoever takes over starts from the best possible foundations to take this uniquely innovative company to its next level.
Michael Obermayer
The collaboration with Ferroamp and Soltech helps us highlight the cooperative spirit we have embraced within Sweden. We hope to embody the Expo 2020 theme as part of the sustainable display.
Marcus Wigren, CEO at Nilar AB
“It’s great to see the Nilar EC Home Box in operation in people’s homes. We expect to see more integrators incorporating the Nilar EC Home Box into their offerings shortly.”
Jan Lundquist, Head of Sales & Marketing at Nilar
With this technology breakthrough we have found a way to re-condition a battery,” says Professor Dag Noréus from Stockholm University. “Typically, in Hydride batteries, the metal hydride in one of the electrodes slowly consumes the water-based electrolyte, which connects the plus and minus poles. However, the unique design of Nilar batteries makes it possible to counteract this aging process of the metal hydride. Adding oxygen causes new water-based electrolyte to form in the battery. This replaces the lost electrolyte and restores the internal electrode balance. With the right balance of oxygen and hydrogen, Nilar batteries can reach a lifetime that surpasses other corresponding battery technologies.
Professor Dag Noréus from Stockholm University
A long service life is extremely important for our customers. Being able to offer the lowest cost energy storage solution to commercial real estate and private households gives us a huge competitive advantage. Research, development and innovation have always been an important part of our business and it is very satisfying to see our investments continue to give such good results. Protecting the environment is also one of our key drivers; being able to hugely extend the life of a battery is a big step towards a fossil-free and sustainable society.
Nilar CEO, Marcus Wigren
The European Union has set itself the goal of regaining leadership in the strategically important battery industry, and is committing significant supporting funds. With this fundamental innovation, we have laid the foundation for a new Swedish research-based battery industry. I believe Nilar is now a key player in this new European strategy and we will continue our fast move towards the company’s IPO.
Michael Obermayer, Nilar’s Chairman of the Board
A sustainable goal also includes sustainable batteries; The Nilar system is not only the safest battery in the market, they are also fully recyclable and contain no cadmium, mercury or lead. A logical choice for us!
says Martijn Eelman, co-owner of Nieuw Leven
Lithium-ion batteries are capable of storing relatively large amounts of energy in a small and lightweight package, which is why they are so widely used today – and there are currently no other viable alternatives for small devices or fully electric vehicles. However, this is not the case for heavy-duty equipment, hybrid-vehicles, and stationary energy storage applications, where the NiMH battery technology is a far more stable and reliable option
Marcus Wigren, CEO at Nilar
Lithium-ion batteries in general require a very strict safety region when it comes to upper voltage limits, temperature limits and current limits. If you pass these set limits, you come into the safety critical region where thermal runaway can be triggered by internal short circuits, during deep discharge or during over charge. NiMH batteries, on the other hand, are more robust and capable of managing various safety critical events such as electrical and mechanical abuse, critical environmental exposure and faulty workmanship
Marcus Wigren, CEO at Nilar
We all know that lithium-ion batteries will continue to spread, despite the dangers. But safety is not to be taken lightly and people should know that there are more robust technologies available. For a private home, office building, or at other public areas, NiMH batteries offer the safest energy storage solution available as they will not cause harm to homeowners, passersby or properties. Rather, they will provide energy as and when required
Marcus Wigren, CEO at Nilar
Over 10 years ago Nilar realized that low voltage solutions would eventually evolve into high voltage products. Judging by the interest we have seen this year; the market is finally ready. Today, we are positioned better than ever before to embrace this market. Our bi-polar technology is ideally suited for high voltage applications and we have continuously invested in that future. These investments gave Nilar products that are broad reaching, efficient, and safe. Nilar will therefore focus on three high-voltage segments going forward; EV-charge support, home/business storage and grid support
Marcus Wigren, CEO at Nilar
The fair truly exceeded our expectations. The industry is maturing and it´s clear that energy storage is not only a topic of the future - energy storage is a hot topic today and we are happy to be part of this transformation towards a greener energy thinking
Erik Tolagen, Head of Sales and Marketing at Nilar.
2017 is going to be an exciting year for the energy storage industry and Nilar in particular. Our rack solution is now being used for multiple smart grid applications around Europe, including charging stations for electric vehicles and distribution of renewable energy at office complexes
says Marcus Wigren, CEO at Nilar
As a supplier of cutting-edge industrial batteries, the show was a perfect fit for us. We did really well and gathered about 150 leads, which is 50% more than last year. The quality of the leads was also much better due to the fact that the market seems more mature now. This is also something we have noticed in the Netherlands, where we are currently live testing our technology in some really interesting projects
says Jan Lundquist, Sales Manager at Nilar
High voltage energy storage for smart grid applications is a clear trend right now. The advent of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power has forced a transformation of the electrical grid. Our batteries can help harness much of the electricity that the grid cannot absorb, and then release it back to the grid over a longer period of time. The batteries are also modular and can withstand deep discharges without reducing cycle life, making them especially well suited for telecom applications. This year’s exhibition made it evident that these are the two areas where our high voltage systems have the greatest potential, and I believe we will make great progress here
says Jan Lundquist, Sales Manager at Nilar
The event was a great success and we’re very happy with Nilar’s involvement; they provided the energy storage component for the high voltage systems we’ve developed for bigger clients. While the other exhibitors could only showcase lithium-ion, we were able to introduce a storage solution based on the unique NiMH chemistry from Nilar. We also put a cutaway in front of the booth that revealed the bi-polar construction of the battery, and it became a real eye-catcher. Over 80% of our visitors asked about our solar energy system connected to energy storage from Nilar
Jeroen Panis, Sales Manager at Indutecc
Our bi-polar NiMH batteries represent a new generation of batteries that deliver high power instantly and can be charged very quickly. In 2014, these batteries were used to power the first supercharged electric ferry in the world, called Movitz. With just ten minutes of charging, Movitz could run for a whole hour while carrying more than a hundred passengers, which was a real breakthrough. This marked a big occasion for electric transportation in general, and for the marine industry in particular. With such a strong case behind us, we were curios to see how our solution would be received on the global market
Richard Howlett, VP Engineering at Nilar
The launch of Movitz – the world’s first supercharged electric ferry – marked a momentous occasion for electric transportation, for the marine industry, and for Sweden
Jan Lundquist, Sales Manager at Nilar