Nilar selected as one of 50 leading innovative companies of 2020

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On June 3rd, the 50 finalist companies for the 7th Annual Techarenan Challenge were released. Nilar was honored by our inclusion in this exclusive group of innovators for 2020.  As one of the seven chosen Cleantech companies, Nilar presented our business philosophy to design, develop, manufacture and sell safe and environmentally friendly electrical energy storage, based on bi-polar Nilar Hydride® (NiMH) batteries, with the lowest lifetime cost. We also noted our growth potential, especially promoting our new innovative refill process which can extend the life of a battery multiple times and, ultimately, lower the cost of ownership.

Techarenan is an innovation platform that supports entrepreneurship and any entity working towards societal development and improvement. Annually, there is the Techarenan challenge where Nordic companies are selected and compete for the titles of “Startup Company of the Year” and “Growth Company of the Year”. Various industries are part of the consideration, including clean technology, robotics, medical technology, financial technology, and construction technology. The winners are provided a financial growth package to further mature their technology.

Since its inception, the winning companies for the Techarenan Challenge are determined during Almedalen Week. Established in 1968, this is an annual week-long gathering in Sweden built on openness, accessibility and mutual respect of attendees, all working towards societal transformation. Due to the pandemic, Almedalen Week will not be occurring in 2020. However, the Techarenan Challenge transitioned to a virtual format and was live streamed on June 9th and 10th, with the in-person summit planned in November. Although Nilar was not chosen for one of the two titles this year, we are excited to be a part of the summit to engage with other groundbreaking companies.

For more information on all the finalists within the Techarenan Challenge, click the following link:

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Jan Lundquist 
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Matilda Ekman Vråmo
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Nilar is the leading manufacturer of advanced Hydride® batteries (NiMH) for energy storage. Our modular, low lifetime cost solutions offer unique safety benefits and are environmentally-friendly, making them ideal for use in private households, commercial properties and industrial plants.With production based on 100 percent renewable energy at the manufacturing plant in Sweden, Nilar is revolutionizing energy and power supply technology, and is taking automated battery production to the next level.





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