We always adapt everything to the customer and remain as flexible as possible, which means always being available for all of our customers, regardless of whether they are a factory in Sweden or in Germany. Nimo-KG is a company that builds on knowledge and experience – and that's what we offer our customers.
Martin Olsson, MD of Nimo-KG
The basis for our success is continuing to offer high-quality solutions to our customers’ problems and needs.
Martin Olsson, MD of Nimo-KG
We are flexible and design new or specially made solutions to satisfy every individual customer’s needs. That’s a major reason why our products work in so many contexts. Our customer base includes everything from German dairies to Portuguese fruit factories and Swedish jam makers.
Anders Pålsson, sales person at Nimo-KG
It's not often we get three requests for quotations at once, but this was a question of three different players submitting offers to a single end customer. Through various channels, they were all recommended to approach us, which says a great deal about the good reputation our products have outside Sweden.
Eva Johansson, Sales Manager at Nimo-KG.
The IFFA is a completely unique meeting place for the international meat industry, with visitors from all over the world, so it's a perfect context for us
Peter Becker, Sales Manager for Germany at Nimo-KG
The Findus order has given us real momentum and we now have an even stronger market position than before.
Torsten Palmgren, project manager, Nimo-KG
We have strengthened our market position overall, both in Sweden and internationally
Martin Olsson
This is our single most comprehensive project ever and we are certainly extremely proud of this opportunity.
Torsten Palmgren
With Nimo-KG’s help we now increase our competitiveness against other European producers even further.
Ronny Bengtsson, Plant Manager at Findus
I feel very excited and extremely honoured.
Martin Olsson