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Launching a new generation of Swedish-made, energy-efficient drying cabinets

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This October will see the launch of a new generation of Swedish-made drying cabinets that have more capacity and more efficient drying technology than previous generations. Nimo has already booked a number of orders for the two latest models – Sensor Dryer and Easy Dryer – from both Swedish and international customers.

"We see great future market potential for these drying cabinets, which are equally suited to house owners and families with children and professional environments," says David Larsson, marketing manager at Nimo.

Nimo, a Swedish engineering company in Hova, has begun selling its recently developed new generation drying cabinets. The Sensor Dryer and Easy Dryer models are two new products designed to suit domestic, workplace and school environments.

We aim to use the new models to make drying cabinets as a product more accessible to everyone, and we hope to spread information about the advantages of drying cabinets to entirely new markets outside Sweden. Clothes last longer and energy consumption is lowered when a wash is dried in a drying cabinet, and these are important aspects for many, especially families with children.

Nimo is the leader in technology and R&D for drying cabinet solutions both in Sweden and internationally and the company's objective is to create green, energy-saving products.

"A drying cabinet provides the gentlest drying method, and it makes sure clothes do not wear as quickly. What's more, a drying cabinet is useful for a great deal more than just drying a wash, e.g. shoes, boots, hats, helmets, ski boots, Gore-Tex, wool, silk and wet outer garments.

Nimo’s goal is to reach several new markets and we can also note increased demand in a number of countries around the world. Sensor Dryer and Easy Dryer are both now available for purchase, and our initial sales initiative will focus on Europe and the Baltics," says David Larsson.

Nimo and energy-efficient drying
Ten years ago, Nimo began investing in energy-efficient dryer technology with the aim of becoming the biggest in the world. The goal was to create the most energy efficient, effective and green drying cabinet ever released on the market.

Nimo's ECO Dryer products, which were launched in 2013, revolutionised the market and cemented Nimo's ranking as the world's biggest manufacturer and supplier of drying cabinets. With its Sensor Dryer and Easy Dryer models, the company has now launched the next generation drying cabinets – energy efficient products for a sustainable future.

Sensor Dryer and Easy Dryer - The new generation
The new generation Sensor Dryer has a broad range of menu options that allow drying the wash quickly when necessary, along with an eco+ program that is extra energy efficient. The model has a new, more robust design, a new user interface and can now handle 6 kilos of wash per dry.

Easy Dryer has the same high drying capacity and the same robust design as Sensor Dryer, but as the name suggests, the focus is on simple use with classic manual time controls for output levels and drying times.

For further information
David Larsson, Marketing Manager Nimo, 46 (0) 506-488 02, david.larsson@nimoverken.com 
Magnus Sjöbäck, press officer Nimo, 46 (0) 70-445 15 99, magnus.sjoback@nimoverken.com

Nimo offers energy efficient drying cabinets, sinks and technical accessories for the laundry room to retailers, wholesalers and consumers in the Nordic region. The business started in 1944, has a turnover of SEK 180 million and currently employs 100 dedicated staff. Nimos factory is located in Hova, Sweden. www.nimoverken.com