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Nimo offers energy efficient drying cabinets, sinks and technical accessories for the laundry room to retailers, wholesalers and consumers in the Nordic region. The business started in 1944, has a turnover of SEK 180 million and currently employs 100 dedicated staff. Nimos factory is located in Hova, Sweden.



We are very happy that we have reached out so well with our message, that the drying cabinet is the most gentle and sustainable product for drying laundry. We clearly see that the long-term export effort is paying off
Rickard Hallberg, International Key Account manager, Nimo
We have always known that high heat is necessary to impregnate different materials, and that the heat can remove some vermin from clothes. It was not the intention that the drying cabinet would be able to remove viruses, but it is a nice added value that I hope can benefit all preschool activities.
Karin Kruse, CEO Nimoverken.
Our drying cabinets are market leading both in quality, durability, and energy consumption – that is why property developers enthusiastically choose our products.
Timo Taiminen, Nimo's MD
The public sector and Sweden’s municipalities is a customer group that keeps growing for us, and we predict more to come in the near future.
Timo Taiminen, Nimo's MD
Interest in environmental technology is increasing and so is demand for our products. And our drying cabinets have significantly longer lifetimes than other alternatives, which produces a low life cycle cost.
Timo Taiminen, Nimo's MD
This investment is made in order for us to grow and progress even further. The demand for our energy efficient products is at such a high level that the investment decision was an easy one to make.
Timo Taiminen, MD Nimo
For a long time, we’ve worked with the vision of our cabinets being the products of a green and eco-friendly future, and our sales numbers indicate that the future is here.
Andreas Bjelkholm, marketing director, Nimo
The fact that their test show that our product is conserving much more power, drying the laundry twice as fast and emitting half as much heat and moisture as our competitors really demonstrates our leading position.
Andreas Bjelkholm, Marketing Director at Nimo
This is an enormous success for us, and it confirms that our drying cabinets has a natural place in modern laundry rooms.
Timo Taiminen, MD of Nimo
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