This indicates that organizations are widely concerned about maintaining their business resilience in an evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. Through better security monitoring, organizations are able to detect early indications of attacks, and with more sophisticated response capabilities, organizations can limit the impact of any incident.
Jan Mickos, SVP and Service Area Lead of Managed Services, Nixu Corporation
“Nixu is very well positioned for the Next Nixu strategy that we are now launching. To reach our targets for profitable growth, we will continue to sharpen our operating model as a vehicle for strategy execution. The success of the updated strategy requires strong leadership and an effective organization. For that reason, we are adding two functions to the executive team.”
Teemu Salmi, CEO, Nixu Corporation
“This indicates that cybersecurity has been driven more as a technology item than an integral part of corporate risk management. But the fact is that cybersecurity is all about risk management, and it should be addressed as a business issue.”
Jan Mickos, Business Area Lead, Managed Services, Nixu Corporation
Our position as an official Information Security Inspection Body supervised by the National Cyber Security Centre of Traficom in Finland, provides us a unique standing that differs us from the majority of the auditing companies in the market. We have very high requirements for our management system, competence, auditing methods, IT systems and physical security. By fulfilling these requirements, we have gained the capacity to perform inspections in a manner that meets the requirements of even the most security-conscious clients.
Niki Klaus, Managing Director at Nixu Certification Ltd
We are very pleased that Nixu is now one of the first companies in the world that are approved as PCI 3DS Assessors. Nixu provides advisory and audit services for all entity categories with business within PCI 3-D Secure. We are already one of the strongest PCI auditors and advisors in Northern Europe with the following assessor approvals; PCI QSA, PCI PA-QSA, PCI P2PE and now also PCI 3DS.
Björn Sjöholm, Principal Consultant, 3DS Assessor, Nixu Corporation