Our position as an official Information Security Inspection Body supervised by the National Cyber Security Centre of Traficom in Finland, provides us a unique standing that differs us from the majority of the auditing companies in the market. We have very high requirements for our management system, competence, auditing methods, IT systems and physical security. By fulfilling these requirements, we have gained the capacity to perform inspections in a manner that meets the requirements of even the most security-conscious clients.
Niki Klaus, Managing Director at Nixu Certification Ltd
Nixu's strategic goal is to provide comprehensive cybersecurity partnership to our customers. The newly signed agreement demonstrates clearly that companies need a versatile, yet technology agnostic partner that specializes in cybersecurity.
Petri Kairinen, CEO of Nixu
When we first got listed to Nasdaq First North in 2014 we were quite small Finnish consultancy, in less than four years we have succeeded in transforming to an international cybersecurity services company and multiplied our size. This is still only the beginning, as the demand for cybersecurity services raises exponentially. The listing to the Official List will enable us to reach further international growth funding which will help us uphold the fast growth speed. Of course, our global enterprise clients will also appreciate the transparency and quality associated with being a listed company.
Petri Kairinen, CEO of Nixu
Growing internationally is a key component in our growth strategy and the step we took today will help us gain our strategic milestones. I am confident that the listing on Helsinki Nasdaq would help us further increase our appeal to international investors and contribute to increasing shareholder value.
Nixu CEO Petri Kairinen
We are very pleased that Nixu is now one of the first companies in the world that are approved as PCI 3DS Assessors. Nixu provides advisory and audit services for all entity categories with business within PCI 3-D Secure. We are already one of the strongest PCI auditors and advisors in Northern Europe with the following assessor approvals; PCI QSA, PCI PA-QSA, PCI P2PE and now also PCI 3DS.
Björn Sjöholm, Principal Consultant, 3DS Assessor, Nixu Corporation