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  • Information security as a competitive asset - Nixu secures Grano’s flagship SokoPro cloud service

Information security as a competitive asset - Nixu secures Grano’s flagship SokoPro cloud service

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Nixu Corporation, Press release on September 6, 2019 at 9.00 AM EEST

Grano is a forerunner in the digitization of print and content services in Finland. One of Grano’s success stories is SokoPro – a cloud service for data and file management, sharing, and archiving. SokoPro’s origins date back to 1993 when there was a need to facilitate the transfer and management of large print files. Sending and receiving large image files is an important part of everyday work — especially in the building sector which welcomed SokoPro with open arms. The introduction of SokoPro has speeded up several construction projects in Finland. For example, the massive data of the mall and transport hub Tripla constructed in Helsinki is managed with SokoPro software.

While network connections became faster and technology more advantaged, security issues become topical for SokoPro. As early as in 2012, SokoPro was the first Finnish project bank to be granted Nixu Corporation's information security certificate.

Increasing user traffic set the standard higher

Grano wanted to maintain its high level of service, which meant that continuous software development was necessary. The company wanted to offer secure and certified services. As a result, Nixu started to provide information security consulting and assessments for Grano regularly.

In 2016, the two parties decided to take their partnership to a new level. Nixu’s Security Engineering team started to provide Grano with continuous and proactive information security service that helps Grano to identify the risks and threats connected to its services and to set their information security to the appropriate level.

The cooperation has increased the customers’ trust in Grano’s services, and the number of users has increased as well. Today, SokoPro has approximately 90,000 users, and 17,000 users log in to the service every day. By investing in information security as a service, Grano has succeeded in reducing general costs compared to the non-recurring project model.

Customers are more aware of information security matters

The need to increase the role of information security was brought up by the customers.

“Grano has a very long history in working with customers who require that we and our employees undergo various types of security audits related to print products. In terms of digital products, the number of certification schemes is constantly increasing,” says SokoPro Development Manager Fernando Korpi from Grano.

“Audits and reviews begin with the basics, such as password handling, related requirements and how passwords should be sent to new users. The information security work conducted as part of software development examines the service ‘under the hood’. It takes more than simple ‘band-aid’ solutions to pass the audit,” says Korpi.

“Information security has become a part of our everyday work and it is an important competitive asset for us,” says Korpi.

“It is very important that all digital products and services are secure in principle, whether they would be provided by large or small actors. This is how we work together to build a secure digital society. SokoPro is an excellent example of how information security provides a competitive edge, as customers also understand the importance of it,” says Tommi Vihermaa, Security Engineering Business Unit Lead at Nixu.

Partnered with Nixu, the leading provider of cybersecurity services in the Nordic region, SokoPro’s developers can carry on concentrating on their core expertise – providing top-level content services.

Nixu Corporation

Further information:
Tommi Vihermaa, Business Unit Lead, Security Engineering, Nixu Corporation
telephone +358 40 752 0616, e-mail: tommi.vihermaa@nixu.com

Jouni Silvennoinen, Business Area Director, Grano
telephone +358 20 743 5222, e-mail: jouni.silvennoinen@grano.fi

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Nixu in Brief:
Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Our passion is to help organizations embrace digitalization securely. Partnering with our clients we provide practical solutions for ensuring business continuity, an easy access to digital services and data protection. We aim to provide the best workplace to our team of nearly 400 cybersecurity professionals with a hands-on attitude. With Nordic roots we serve enterprise clients worldwide. Nixu shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.

Grano in Brief:
Grano is a versatile expert of content services in Finland and it has quickly become the market leader in creative design, printing technology, and content design. Grano produces marketing and communication solutions to promote its clients’ sales, brand, and result in both digital and print channels. Grano serves its customers in 27 locations and it is headquartered in Helsinki. The company has approximately 1,100 employees and its revenue is over EUR 140 million.