Norway Royal Salmon (NRS) – flagging

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Primary Insider disclosure – disclosure of large shareholding :

Trondheim, 17 january 2020. Reference is made to the announcement made by Norway Royal Salmon ASA (“NRS” or the “Company”) on 9 December 2019, regarding the planned transfer of the shares in NRS belonging to Gåsø Næringsutvikling AS (“Gåsø Næringsutvikling”) to NTS ASA through merger (the “NTS Transaction”). Gåsø Næringsutvikling has today conducted a re-organisation of its business to prepare for the completion of the NTS Transaction, and has in that circumstance transferred its 6 993 188  shares in NRS, equal to 16.05% of the shares in NRS (the “Shares”), to Frøy Gruppen AS through contribution in kind. The transaction was done at a share price of NOK 250.20 per Share, which equals the closing price of the NRS share as 17 January 2020.

Pursuant to the agreement with NTS, Gåsø Næringsutvikling shall retain the right to any dividend from NRS for 2019 which shall be paid in 2020, within a limit deemed acceptable for the NTS board.

Gåsø Næringsutvikling is a company controlled by Helge Gåsø, chairman of the Board in NRS. Frøy Gruppen AS is 100% owned by Gåsø Næringsutvikling.  After the transaction, Gåsø Næringsutvikling, indirectly through Frøy Gruppen AS, still controls 6 993 188 shares in NRS, equal to 16.05% of the shares and votes in NRS.

This announcement is subject to disclosure pursuant to the Norwegian Securities Trading Act sections 4-2 and 4-3.