Norway Royal Salmon ASA (NRS): Mandatory notification of trade

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Reference is made to the notification published by NTS ASA today regarding completion of transaction relating to acquisition of shares in Norway Royal Salmon ASA ("NRS"). Midt Norsk Havbruk AS ("MNH") or the "Company") has today acquired 6,299,635 shares in NRS, equal to 14.45% of total number of shares and votes in NRS. The shares are distributed upon 6,234,200 shares which have been purchased at NOK 209 per share, and 65,435 shares which have been received as dividend shares. MNH is 100% owned by NTS ASA ("NTS").

NTS is defined as a company close associated with chairman of the board and primary insider in NRS, Helge Gåsø.

The issuer is required to publish received mandatory notifications of trade pursuant to MAR 596/2014 article 19 no. 3 and the Norwegian securities trading act section 5-12.