Nurminen Logistics’ China Block Train has started its second year of operation

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Nurminen Logistics has now operated direct block train service bewteen China and Finland for one year. Demand for third way logistics between air and sea freight has been increasing. We are happy and proud about our service that provides quick connection between East Asia and Baltic Sea region.

In order to figh climate catastrophy companies need tools for reducing their emissions. More sustainable logistics is one of key ingredients in the process. Flexibility and ability to combine different solutions in supply chain management offer an upper hand in the global market. Rail logistics solutions supplement the gap between air and sea freight. 

Increasing interest for building new combinations based on familiar solutions can be seen for example in Nordic logistics co-operation. “The business customers in the Nordics demand the logistics sector to renew faster than before. I do look forward working together on optimising forwarding solutions that will also benefit the consumers in various countries.” said Sales Director Marjut Linnajärvi after Nordic Rail Seminar in October.

The first year of block train service by Nurminen Logistics has been successful. The filling rate of train has been increasing. The minimum length of block train is 41 wagons and there has been need to utilize mamximum length of 50 wagons.

For more information, please contact: Sales Director Marjut Linnajärvi, +358 40 571 5034

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