O-I’s new eCatalog puts choice and convenience within customers’ reach

O-I launches an easy-to-use online tool to help customers identify the right glass package from its vast offering of standard containers for Beer, Food, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Spirits and Wine

Finding the right choice of packaging can speed product development and boost the marketing and presentation of brands. To help brand managers develop their product strategy, O-I has launched a new interactive eCatalog. Specifiers and purchasing professionals can search among hundreds of standard glass containers available across Europe for their food and beverage ranges. As an integral part of the European ‘Product Solutions’ offering  on O-I’s corporate website, www.glass-catalog.com offers a fast and intuitive way to browse, compare and select the most appropriate glass bottles or jars for their particular project.

Vincent Liverant, Customer Service Director O-I Europe, says, “This new eCatalog marks a significant step in our journey to offer smarter glass solutions for our customers. We have thousands of customers across Europe and moving the catalog from print to online will increase our responsiveness.”

O-I offers a comprehensive range of standard glass containers. This includes families of bottles and jars in a wide range of sizes and colours. There are several different shapes available in each product sector. O-I has optimised the weight of many wine bottles under the Lean+Green™ banner, providing customers with packaging with better environmental standards for their packaging.

Building a brand in glass

Standards have always played a part in the brand-building potential of glass. While specially-designed, shaped and embossed bottles can carry a host of distinctive brand messages, the standard glass bottle offers something different. One of its key benefits is to help lower volume brands benefit from the high quality and sustainable associations of being packed in glass. Standard bottles can also speed brands to market because their lead times are typically shorter than those for proprietary containers; indeed, the chosen bottle may even be available from stock. Glass decoration, such as silk screen on-bottle printing, sleeving and clear film labeling, can add very strong product identity to a standard container.

In developing an e-catalog, O-I is responding to a customer base which increasingly seeks to find product information online. Vincent Liverant says, “O-I is geared towards making life easier for its customers. We aim to operate in the way our customers like best, so this e-catalog has been designed to give users maximum flexibility.” O-I also offers a high quality team of customer service representatives to help customers make the most of their glass packaging. This team advises on product choice, supply and filling line performance.

Added value features

O-I’s www.glass-catalog.com includes added-value features to aid customers in their choice and enhance their online experience. Users can compare glass packaging solutions, make and store selections and download more detailed product descriptions in order to evaluate the best adapted glass bottle or jar for their product.

Efficient and up-to-date

As soon as new standard containers are added to the O-I Europe range, they will be incorporated into the catalog and discontinued products withdrawn.  This sidesteps common problems with printed catalogues that can contain out-of-date information. No time is wasted in sourcing glass packaging that is no longer available and customers can more quickly request and receive samples for review and testing.

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Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI) is the world’s largest glass container manufacturer and preferred partner for many of the world’s leading food and beverage brands. With revenues of $7.4 billion in 2011, the company is headquartered in Perrysburg, Ohio, USA, and employs more than 24,000 people at 81 plants in 21 countries. O-I delivers safe, effective and sustainable glass packaging solutions to a growing global marketplace. For more information, visit www.o-i.com.


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About O-IOwens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI) is the world's largest glass container manufacturer and preferred partner for many of the world's leading food and beverage brands. The Company had revenues of $6.8 billion in 2014. Following the acquisition of Vitro’s food and beverage business, the company now employs approximately 27,000 people at 81 plants in 23 countries. With global headquarters in Perrysburg, Ohio, U.S., O-I delivers safe, sustainable, pure, iconic, brand-building glass packaging to a growing global marketplace. For more information, visit o i.com. O-I's Glass Is Life™ movement promotes the widespread benefits of glass packaging in key markets around the globe. Learn more about the reasons to choose glass and join the movement at glassislife.com.



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