Mandatory notification of trade

The Executive Management Team of Odfjell SE has today purchased 11,796 class A shares in the company. The purchase relates to the Transaction Bonus Plan financed by Odfjell SE’s joint venture partner Lindsay Goldberg (LG) in connection with LG’s ongoing exit from Odfjell Terminals.

The purchase price for the shares is NOK 26.50. To facilitate the abovementioned acquisition of shares by the Executive Management Team, the Company has today sold 11,796 Class A shares (treasury shares) to the members of the Executive Management at a purchase price of NOK 26.50 per share. The following primary insiders in the Company has acquired shares, and have, following this, the following number of shares in the Company.

Name and titleShares acquiredTotal number of shares
held in the Company
Kristian V. Mørch, CEO7,210179,622 Class A shares/3,500 Class B shares
Terje Iversen, CFO1,55731,744 Class A shares
Harald Fotland, COO Odfjell Tankers1,47127,555 Class A shares/4,000 Class B shares
Øistein Jensen, Chief of Staff1,55731,320 Class A shares

Following the sale of 11,796 Class A shares, the Company holds 5,669,954 Class A and 2,322,482 Class B shares (treasury shares) in the Company.

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to Section 5-12 the Norwegian Securities Trading Act

About Us

Odfjell SE is a company specializing in worldwide seaborne transportation and storage of chemicals and other speciality bulk liquids. The Odfjell fleet comprises around 80 ships in total, mainly registered in Norway (NIS) and primarily manned by Norwegian and Filipino mariners. The fleet transports more than 600 different kinds of liquids, including organic and inorganic bulk liquid chemicals, acids, animal fats, edible oils, portable alcohols and clean petroleum products. Odfjell has a wide range of customers, from the oil majors and largest chemical manufacturers to smaller logistical companies and traders. The tank terminal division consists of six tank terminals, located in Belgium, USA, South Korea and China. Odfjell Terminals is also part of a network in South America, consisting of another 13 tank terminals partly owned by related parties. Odfjell has offices in 14 locations around the world, and is headquartered in Bergen, Norway. The company employs around 2,300 people and posted annual gross revenue of USD 851 million in 2018. Read more on