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  • The Payment Services Directive to bring changes to daily banking – OP’s key code lists can still be used on OP eServices and public authorities’ services

The Payment Services Directive to bring changes to daily banking – OP’s key code lists can still be used on OP eServices and public authorities’ services

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The EU’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will come into force in mid-September. It will bring new changes to online payment and increase security in online bank authentication. OP encourages its customers to make sure they are prepared for the coming changes. On OP-mobile, customers will in future authenticate themselves using the Mobile key. On OP eServices, however, customers will still log in and confirm payments using the key code list. A new authentication method will be SMS-based confirmation.

The new European-wide Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will come into force on 14 September 2019. It will bring changes to authenticating oneself in banking services and paying for purchases online. At OP, the changes depend on which service the customer uses.

On OP-mobile, customers authenticate themselves and confirm payments with the Mobile key, which almost a million OP customers have already adopted. The Mobile key is an authentication method linked to OP-mobile or OP Business mobile. Customers use it with their PIN code, fingerprint or with face recognition. In the future, it will not be possible to use OP-mobile with a username, password and key code list.

Customers will continue to authenticate themselves on OP eServices and public authorities’ services using the key code list

Customers will continue to log into OP eServices and confirm payments in the same familiar way. In other words, they will need a username, password and a key code list. However, the key code list alone will no longer fulfil the new legislative requirements. SMS confirmation will be a new authentication feature. If necessary, customers will receive a confirmation number to their phone by SMS. They then need to enter the corresponding number from the key code list in the service they use. OP customers should now go to OP eServices and check that the phone number linked to their credentials is up to date.

On public authorities’ services, such as on Kela’s service, all OP customers will still need the printed key code list when authenticating themselves.

OP aims to expand the use of the Mobile key to cover OP eServices too towards the end of 2019.

“The Mobile key is an easy and secure way to authenticate oneself, because it only works on a certain device and with a PIN code that the customer has selected. When you no longer have to keep your key code list with you, it will also make transactions easier,” says Sari Heinonen, Head of Private Customers, Banking.

If any additional questions arise, customers can read more about the changes at op.fi or contact OP’s customer service.

“We provide digital guidance for our customers around Finland by phone, at branches and in cooperation with libraries. Ask your local OP cooperative bank for digital guidance," Heinonen encourages.

OP customers will need these tools for authentication after 14 September: 

OP-mobile and OP Business mobile: Mobile key

OP-mobile and OP Business mobile, activating the Mobile key: username and password + key code list + one time password received by SMS

OP eServices: username and password + key code list + SMS confirmation if necessary

Public authorities’ services: username and password + key code list

More information on authentication at op.fi: https://www.op.fi/authentication

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