New publication in high-impact scientific journal PNAS confirms the bone regenerative potential of OssDsign’s technology.

A scientific article titled “In situ bone regeneration of large cranial defects using synthetic ceramic implants with a tailored composition and design” was recently published in the scientific journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America). The research article describes how OssDsign’s unique implant concept and proprietary material composition promote bone regeneration and osseointegration.

OssDsign AB (publ) (“OssDsign”) today announced that a scientific article with the title “In situ bone regeneration of large cranial defects using synthetic ceramic implants with a tailored composition and design” has been published in the distinguished scientific journal PNAS. The research article reports a plurality of pre-clinical data from the use of OssDsign’s implant concept in sheep. The findings are further corroborated through clinical data in the form of analysis of an implant that was explanted from a patient due to trauma 21 months post implantation.

The results of the published research describe the capacity of OssDsign’s implant concept and proprietary ceramic material to regenerate and restore large cranial defects with mature bone, with a morphology, ultrastructure, and composition similar to those of native skull bone. These results are in line with previously published clinical data from the use of OssDsign’s implant technology.

The article is available under Open Access at the PNAS website:

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About OssDsign
OssDsign is a Swedish medical technology company that develops and manufactures regenerative implants for improved healing of bone defects. Providing neuro and plastic surgeons with innovative implants, OssDsign improves the outcome for patients with severe cranial and facial defects worldwide. By combining clinical knowledge with proprietary technology, OssDsign manufactures and sells a growing range of patient-specific solutions for treating cranial defects and facial reconstruction. OssDsign's technology is the result of collaboration between clinical researchers at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm and material scientists at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University.



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