I look forward to cooperating with helicopter operators from China and want to wish their pilots warmly welcome. Our geographical position next to Helsinki Airport, with excellent direct flight connections to several Chinese cities, will undoubtedly be a pleasant advantage.
Timo Honkavaara, Chief Operating Officer, Coptersafety
This certification marks an important milestone for our whole training base. Our vision is to improve the safety of helicopter operations worldwide. The CAAC certificates enable us to live up to our vision to improve the safety of helicopter operations, now also in the Chinese market where there is an increasing demand to train rotary-wing pilots. We have about 40 skilled professionals, including more than 20 excellent flight instructors. They all play a part in helping us exceed the industry standards worldwide.
Mikko Dahlman, CEO, Coptersafety
For us, EASA’s upcoming MCF standards are just a starting point to look into the operations of a safe and secure Maintenance Check Flight. Our operator customers do not want to take the easy way out, why would we?
Mikko Dahlman, CEO, Coptersafety
With the latest simulator technology and the great team of professionals we have at Coptersafety, I am confident we will genuinely enhance the Safety and Quality of Helicopter Operations – not only at our company but all around the world.
Juha Ahtola, Head of Quality and Safety, Coptersafety
Due to my experiences both as a rotary-wing test pilot and as an airline pilot, I have gained much know-how and experience I now want to share – this gives me a great opportunity to further develop the training services at Coptersafety. There is much new simulator technology coming in to Coptersafety where my technical expertise also comes in handy.
Mikko Kallio, Head of Training and Development, Coptersafety
The certification of Coptersafety's H145 full flight simulator brings a new, unique, high-quality option to the flight training community.
Eetu Peuraniemi, Deputy Crew Training Manager, Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance
I am pleased to inaugurate the world’s most advanced H145 simulator, predictably on schedule, and to invite all H145 helicopter operators to improve the safety performance of their operations.
Mikko Dahlman, CEO, Coptersafety
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