Spain announces countrywide e-invoicing mandate

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On 29 September 2022, in the official state bulletin (BOE), the Spanish authorities announced a new law requiring all Spanish businesses to exchange invoices electronically.

The “Ley Crea y Crece” (Creation and Growth) law has been approved by the Spanish congress, aiming to gradually introduce e-invoicing as a requirement for all Spanish businesses. Although the timelines may be subject to change depending on the European Commission derogation, the adoption deadlines have been set to:

Q1 2024: large taxpayers (annual turnover of over EUR 8 million)
Q1 2025: all remaining taxpayers

“We have followed the developments in Spain ever since we established operations there and are excited about the expected acceleration in digital transformation as a result of the new law. With over 50 people in our Madrid office, we have a strong competitive positioning in the Spanish market and are well-prepared to meet the increased market demand – both domestically and internationally”, says Bengt Nilsson, CEO of Pagero.

Full specification of technical requirements has still to be published. Pagero has been operational in Spain since 2016 and are committed to being ready to enable customers with the new Spanish requirements.

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