News from the world of coffee: Spring and summer trends and the coolest new coffees by Paulig

The experts at Paulig have designed a latte art pattern to celebrate the centenary of Finnish independence and Finns’ undying love for coffee. This year, latte art will be created by professionals and home baristas alike. Other hot trends for the spring and summer include hand-filtered coffee and Cold Brew Nitro, an entirely new type of coffee beverage. In addition, Paula, our ambassador for good coffee, has a new look. 

Latte art is a feast for the eyes

Paulig has designed the SUOMI <3 KAHVI (Finland hearts coffee) pattern to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence. You can create the pattern yourself or ask for it to be created on the surface of a flat white, a popular coffee beverage, at a café (the recipe is provided at the end of this press release). The garland-like pattern of hearts is created by applying the etching technique to crema using espresso and milk foam that has been dyed blue.

Hand-filtered coffee adds stories to your cup

The fastest-growing coffee trends include various filtering methods, particularly hand-filtered coffee, which is made from freshly ground beans, one cup at a time. When coffee is filtered by hand, its flavour can be adjusted in many ways, by varying the coarseness of the grounds or the flow of the water. The experience is enriched by stories told by a professional barista about the origin, nuances and production methods of the coffee while it is being filtered. Good coffee is like wine: its production requires a great deal of know-how, experience and, above all, passion.

The coolest new coffee of the summer: Cold Brew Nitro!

Cold-brew coffee is made by steeping freshly ground coffee in cold water for at least eight hours. It was a popular beverage last summer. This summer, Paulig is offering something completely new: Cold Brew Nitro. This is a coffee beverage made by adding nitrogen to cold-brew coffee. The beverage is served from a tap. The nitrogen makes it feel silky soft in the mouth. It bears a slight resemblance to Guinness, as it has a layer of foam on top. Nitro is enjoyed cold, unsweetened, and with no ice. 

Latte art, hand-filtered, Cold Brew Nitro and many other coffee beverages are available at Paulig Kulma in the Kluuvi shopping centre, and other locations. Paulig is also introducing new retail products during the spring. These include Frezza Mint Limited Edition, Juhla Mokka Organic, Juhla Mokka Mother’s Day Edition and Special Blend 2017. More information is available via the Paulig newsroom

A new look for Paula 

Paula, our ambassador for good coffee, will get a new look before the summer. Her new look has been created by fashion designer Elina Laitinen, stylist Vesa Silver, photographer Janita Autio and YouTubers Janne Naakka and Mariieveronica. Paulig’s Paula is an open-minded explorer who serves as a travel guide in the world of trends, fun and enjoyable coffee experiences, and interesting new acquaintances. Paulig’s 19th Paula is Maija Niemi. Her new look will be introduced in Paulig’s and trendsetters’ social media channels in March.

New collectible coffee container inspires wordplay

The newest addition to Paulig’s range of collectible coffee containers is a stylish metallic container with an oak lid. The container has a magnetic side, to which the coffee measure can be attached. The container comes with magnetic letters that inspire wordplay, meaningful quotes or messages to yourself or to the next person who makes the coffee. The airtight lid protects the coffee from air, light and humidity. Coffee should be kept in its original packet, even inside the container.


Recipe: SUOMI <3 KAHVI latte art to celebrate the first 100 years of Finnish independence

Prepare a flat white, which consists of a double espresso and lightly foamed milk.

2 servings of Paulig Espresso (6 cl)
1.5 dl milk
Blue food colouring
Foam the milk and separate off two spoonfuls of foam before preparing the beverage. Place the two spoonfuls into a small cup and dye the foam blue with a drop of food colouring. Mix with a small paint brush. Prepare the double espresso in a small espresso pot. Pour the lightly foamed milk into the cup in which the beverage will be served. Using the paint brush, place three drops of blue milk foam on the surface of the milk and pour the double espresso cautiously through the milk foam between the blue dots. Using an etching stick, draw a circle through the dots. This will create a garland-like pattern on top of the beverage. 

Watch a video to see how the experts at Paulig’s Barista Institute create the pattern.



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