"This award shows that you can truly taste the difference between spices - and spices!"
Maite Creixell, Head of Global Brand & Portfolio, Paulig
With our manufacturing and innovation capabilities within snacking, combined with Santa Maria’s solid brand equity, we are entering the arena with great confidence.
Rolf Ladau, CEO, Paulig
These partnerships have helped me to receive the knowledge and techniques to farm truly as a business, and I am thankful for seeing the improvements and feel more proud of my work now.
José Teletor Camaja, coffee farmer from Guatemala
We are one of the first large roasteries in the world to use only verified sustainable coffee beans.
Katariina Aho, Supply Chain Director, Paulig Coffee
We participate actively in developing coffee farming in the origin countries, e.g. by supporting the profitability of farming. We also build wellbeing in the local communities. Through our partnership programs we have reached approximately 100 000 coffee farmers.
András Koroknay-Pál, Head of Sourcing at Paulig Coffee
A profound knowledge of the origin of coffee is a cornerstone of our sustainability work and I think it is important that we also tell consumers about the different coffee production phases from plant to cup.
Anna Vänskä, Paulig Coffee’s Sourcing Manager
We have made a promise that all of our coffee comes from sustainable sources.
Katariina Aho
Baristainstitute.com is passionate but not deadly serious about coffee, just like the Paulig Barista Institute in general.
Ulla Suoraniemi, Training Manager