Paulig to launch new site for passionate coffee enthusiasts

The Paulig Barista Institute’s new international coffee site is the home of all coffee trends and the meeting place of star baristas, beginners and anyone in between. Published in English, the coffee site offers a wealth of coffee-related information, inspiration and blogs written by baristas.

The Paulig Barista Institute trains more than 3,000 baristas every year in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. The new English-language website will serve the passionate coffee connoisseurs and professionals from different countries.

“Coffee is a common denominator regardless of your culture. is passionate but not deadly serious about coffee, just like the Paulig Barista Institute in general,” says Ulla Suoraniemi, Training Manager.

Baristas do much more than just make coffee. It is also a lifestyle. The job involves attending events, reading professional literature, engaging with friends and staying up to date with coffee trends.

“We at Paulig want to make sure that a barista’s job could be a path to professional advancement and amazing taste experiences. That’s why we keep offering new ideas and inspiration. We want to inspire coffee professionals to improve their barista skills. Our new coffee site is a response to this need, creating a virtual meeting place for all coffee professionals.”

Besides online, the Barista Institute also features training courses, barista competitions and other events. The Paulig Barista Institute trains coffee professionals at, for example, the Paulig Kulma coffee house, that is located in Helsinki on the corner of Aleksanterinkatu and Kluuvikatu. The Institute also organises barista courses for beginners.

New website complements the award-winning Barista magazine
The recently launched is part of Paulig’s Barista magazine. Barista magazine underwent a complete facelift in 2016 and has since attracted great interest among professional readers. Barista was short-listed in and got an honourable mention in the trade and organisation magazine category at the Finnish Periodical Publishers' Association Edit competition on 23 March 2017. The layout of Barista also won the gold medal in the 2016 Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards competition in New York. Paulig publishes its content for baristas together with Otavamedia OMA. The language of is English, but the Barista magazine continues to be published in Finnish.

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Ulla Suoraniemi, Training Manager, Authorised SCAE Trainer, Paulig Barista Institute, tel. +358 40 681 5607

Pirjo Hästbacka, Communications Manager, Coffee division, Paulig Group, tel. +358 50 356 8359

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Quotes is passionate but not deadly serious about coffee, just like the Paulig Barista Institute in general.
Ulla Suoraniemi, Training Manager