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  • Paulig opens a new meeting place for coffee lovers in the heart of Moscow and relaunches renewed Paulig Kulma in Helsinki

Paulig opens a new meeting place for coffee lovers in the heart of Moscow and relaunches renewed Paulig Kulma in Helsinki

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To promote its presence and brand position in Russia, Paulig opens a new Paulig Café&Store in Moscow in the beginning of August. With the new Café&Store, Paulig offers customers a place to relax and enjoy sustainable and meaningful coffee-moment sensations in an impressively designed environment. At the same time, Paulig pampers the coffee enthusiast also in Helsinki as its flagship coffee house, Paulig Kulma, is renewed and relaunched.

With net sales of EUR 62.6 million (2019), the Business Area East has a great growth potential for Paulig in both coffee and Santa Maria food products. Today, Paulig is the second biggest coffee brand in Russia in the roasted coffee segment with a volume share of 16.2%.  Coffee consumption outside home is a growing trend also in Russia. To increase awareness and strengthen its position, Paulig will open the flagship Café&Store in Moscow in the beginning of August. The new café will follow a concept similar to that of the Paulig Kulma café opened in 2016 in Helsinki. 

"The new café in Moscow is an important step in the development of Paulig's business in Russia. At Paulig we stand for a life full of flavour, and therefore, we are happy to surprise our customers with a fresh way to offer new taste experiences and pleasant atmosphere. Paulig offers top quality that has been proven by almost 145 years of experience", describes Roman Ivashko, SVP of Paulig in Russia.   

Sharing meaningful coffee moments in a brand new and inspiring environment in Moscow 

The new Paulig Café&Store will be located in the heart of Moscow, just a 15-minute walk from the Kremlin. In the café, we bring coffee lovers together and make their day meaningful with tasty products and exciting atmosphere. Paulig offers a coffee zone, brew bar and filter coffee station, a shop with a whole range of Paulig products and Barista Institute. At Barista Institute, professionals are the first to hear about and experience coffee trends. 

"Opening your own coffee shop offers a new forum for communication between brand and consumers. Now we can meet within our walls those who choose to Paulig. We communicate and learn a lot about each other. This is what allows us to fill the lives of coffee lovers with flavour", explains Alexander Kopytov, Marketing Director of Paulig in Russia.  

The menu of the café includes many traditional Scandinavian dishes and offers options for vegetarians and adherents of a healthy lifestyle. The design of the café uses eco-friendly materials, mainly wood and stone. The principles of sustainable development are observed in the menu, in the design of the café and 100% sustainable coffee is served. 

Paulig Kulma in Helsinki continues to develop the Finnish coffee culture with renewed facilities 

Coffee culture in Finland has long traditions and Paulig is on top of the coffee trends, offering unforgettable coffee moments in Paulig Kulma where visitors can find a micro roastery, café, coffee shop and Paulig Barista Institute coffee training center. After four years serving the coffee lovers in the heart of Helsinki, Paulig has renewed the unique Paulig Kulma. The customer experience is refreshed with a renovation and a new catering partner, Juvenes. With an exclusive coffee buffet, Paulig makes high quality coffee the focus to attract a wider audience of coffee enthusiasts.  

More information: 

Paulig Café&Store in Moscow 
Varara Cherkasova 
Сommunications Manager, Paulig East 
Phone: +7 (915) 452 13 62 

Paulig Kulma in Helsinki
Mariell Toiger
Marketing Director, Paulig Finland & Baltics
Phone: +37 255 946 867


About Paulig 
Paulig was founded in 1876 when Gustav Paulig started his business in the heart of Helsinki. The company is family-owned still today. Paulig offers coffee, food concepts, spices, plant-based products and snacks. The company's brands are Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Gold&Green and Poco Loco. Paulig has operations in 13 countries and sales amounted to EUR 921 million in 2019. The group has about 2,100 employees. www.pauliggroup.com