Paulig’s fresh Cold Brew Sparkling beverages are the spring’s bubbliest novelty

The spring’s most anticipated Paulig Cold Brew Sparkling beverages combine the fresh taste of fruity bubbly water and the invigorating effects of cold brew coffee and tea. The product family contains three delicious flavours: fresh rhubarb-flavoured Rooibos Tea, lemony Coffee and ginger-flavoured Green Tea. The new products draw their sweetness from real fruit and cane sugar, and the beverages don’t contain any artificial sweeteners.

“The new Paulig Cold Brew Sparkling beverages combine fruity bubbly water with cold brew coffee and tea that enjoy worldwide popularity, and offer a satisfying alternative for refreshment and quenching your thirst. They can also be used for colourful mocktails and appetisers at spring and summer festivities,” says Suvi Hovikari, Brand Manager of Paulig’s cold beverages.

Each Cold Brew Sparkling beverage contains its own natural amount of caffeine.

“A bottle of the Sparkling Coffee beverage contains the same amount of caffeine as half a cup of coffee. The Green Tea beverage contains half a teacup of caffeine and the Rooibos Tea contains none,” states Hovikari.

Because of the natural sweetness of cold brew beverages, only a small amount of sugar has been added to the new Cold Brew Sparkling beverages.

“Cold brew coffee and tea are usually brewed in cold water for fourteen to sixteen hours, which gives the beverages an aromatic and less acidic flavour. Therefore, the Sparkling product family beverages only contain 4g per 100ml of added Fairtrade cane sugar,” Hovikari summarises.

Starting from March, the Paulig Cold Brew Sparkling beverages will be available in 400ml PET bottles in Finland and also in the Baltic countries later this spring. The beverages are Fairtrade accountability certified and manufactured in Finland.

Product information

Cold Brew Sparkling Rooibos Tea
Ingredients: carbonated water, cane sugar (4%), cold brew rooibos tea concentrate (3.3%), lemon juice from concentrate (2.5%), natural aromas, concentrate (carrot and blackcurrant), preservative (sodium benzoate). Added sugar: 4g/100ml. Rooibos tea is naturally decaffeinated.

Cold Brew Sparkling Coffee
Ingredients: carbonated water, cold brew coffee 13% (cold brew coffee concentrate and water), cane sugar (4%), lemon juice from concentrate (2.5%), natural aromas, preservative (sodium benzoate). Added sugar: 4g/100ml. Caffeine: 35mg/bottle, the amount of caffeine corresponds to half a cup of coffee.

Cold Brew Sparkling Green Tea
Ingredients: carbonated water, cane sugar (4%), cold brew green tea concentrate (3.5%), lemon juice from concentrate (2.5%), natural aromas, preservative (potassium sorbate), antioxidant (ascorbic acid). Added sugar: 4g/100ml. Caffeine: 14mg/bottle, the amount of caffeine corresponds to half a cup of tea.

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