Paulig selected as Finland’s most sustainable beverages brand

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Consumers have ranked Paulig as number one in the beverages category of the Sustainable Brand Index, the largest brand study on sustainable development in the Nordic countries. The result proves that Paulig’s long-term sustainability work and cooperation throughout the value chain bring value also to consumers. The survey was carried out in the period November to February, and more than 58,000 consumers responded. 


“We have engaged in long-term work throughout our value chain for the bright future of coffee, and we are happy that the work is appreciated and that our products leave a great aftertaste,” says Katariina Aho who is in charge of Paulig’s sourcing.

Paulig has been a pioneer in the coffee industry’s sustainability work. As one of the few large roasteries in the world, the company uses coffee beans from only verified sustainable sources. Paulig continuously invests in cooperation in the countries of origin of coffee. 

“Sustainability takes actions, continuous cooperation and respect for others. All parties in the value chain must be doing well and receive sufficient financial compensation for their work so that the environment also does well. Our goal is a bright and fair world of coffee, and it’s great to see that so many people value sustainable coffee and the work done for it,” says Aho.

Paulig’s roasteries in Finland run on renewable energy. This year, Paulig and energy company Helen are executing a pilot in which waste heat from the Vuosaari roastery will be recovered and reused. Thanks to packaging development, Paulig has increased the share of renewable materials in its coffee packages while decreasing the carbon footprint of the packaging by a third. In addition, the company believes in bold experiments. In the circular economy pilot conducted by K Group, Paulig and Globe Hope, a whopping 25,000 empty coffee packages found new life as recycled design products.

“In Finland, we are known for our top-notch and sustainable coffee but, in addition to beverages, we are also an international food business. Of our brands, Santa Maria came in 24th and Risenta 27th in the food category of the Sustainable Brand Index 2020 survey. Alongside these plant-based products, our portfolio includes the extremely sustainable and healthy Pulled Oats by Gold&Green. We are engaging in even more systematic and ambitious sustainability work across the group and, in the future, we want to offer even more delicious sustainable alternatives,” says Lea Rankinen, Director, Sustainability and Public Affairs at Paulig.

Last year, Paulig came in fifth in the SBI survey’s combined food and beverage category. 

The Sustainable Brand Index survey

Conducted annually in the Nordic countries, 58,000 consumers assess brands in the survey on the basis of how sustainable consumers find them. Each brand has been assessed by a minimum of 1,000 people over the age of 16. In addition to brands, the survey maps trends and the drivers of sustainable consumption.

The assessed brands are selected for the survey on the basis of their market position, net sales, market share and general brand awareness. The survey is based on the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. 

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