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  • Pulled Oats® - The kickstarter of the vegetarian boom in Finland - Now available in new packaging

Pulled Oats® - The kickstarter of the vegetarian boom in Finland - Now available in new packaging

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The packaging of the Pulled Oats® products has been re-designed according to consumers’ wishes. The renewed packaging is available in retail stores across Finland in March. The product has a new, fresh and simple look from which consumers will easily find the information they need. The durable packaging provides even better protection for the product against breaking and aims at decreasing food waste. 

The beloved Pulled Oats® has dressed up in the new packaging, which clearly lays out all the relevant information to the consumer about the product, the best before date and sorting the packaging materials. The reverse side of the packaging also includes an easy and delicious recipe that you can cook in no time at all. The packaging sizes and storage instructions of the product remain the same, as does its manufacturing location in Finland. The product will be made at the Gold&Green production plant in Järvenpää, just as before. 
Development work to decrease food waste 
The new, more durable cardboard packaging protects the product even better during transport, for instance, which also means it will help prevent food waste. By replacing the previously used plastic packaging with a plastic wrap, we succeeded in reducing the amount of plastic by 30%. The packaging materials of the Pulled Oats® packaging are sorted as cardboard or plastic waste.  
“The most important task of the packaging is to protect the product. High-quality and durable packaging plays a key role in preventing food waste,” says Maija Itkonen, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Gold&Green Foods. 
If food waste were a country, it would be third-largest cause of emissions in the world (Source: FAO of the UN). Packaging that decreases food waste is an important tool in decreasing the overall environmental impact of a product, as most of the environmental impact of food is generated in primary production. The purpose of packaging is to protect the product and prevent waste, so that the work done in primary production is not unnecessary and the valuable ingredients end up fresh on the consumer's plate. 
Gold&Green is part of Paulig Group, which released detailed environmental targets in 2020 regarding its packaging as part of its Sustainability Approach. The Paulig Sustainability Approach is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
“In Paulig Group, our goal is that by 2025 all our packaging will be fully recyclable and by 2030 they will be made of renewable or recycled materials. Our packaging development is continuous and utilises the latest innovations and technology of the industry. For instance, Paulig is involved in a project by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland aimed at developing new types of packaging solutions using a renewable raw material, cellulose,” says Maija Itkonen explaining Paulig’s packaging development plans. 
For further information, please contact: 
Laura Toppinen 
Communications Manager, Gold&Green Foods 
+358 406207183 

Pulled Oats® is a Finnish innovation. It’s the perfect protein, made with just five simple plant-based ingredients: oats, yellow peas, faba beans, gently pressed rapeseed oil and salt. Gold&Green Foods is on a mission to provide people with healthy and sustainable food without compromising taste. Pulled Oats® is the perfect option not only because of its nutritional value and amino acid composition, but also because it’s delicious and easy to use – and on top of all that, good for the planet. It contains no animal-based or genetically modified ingredients or additives. 

Gold&Green Foods was founded in 2015 to create innovative, sustainable and healthy food products from oats and legumes. The heart of our business is the use of Nordic oats and a completely unique production process. Gold&Green Foods Ltd is a part of Paulig Group since 2016. Read more at goldandgreenfoods.com   

Paulig was founded in 1876 when Gustav Paulig started his business in the heart of Helsinki. The company is family-owned still today. Paulig offers coffee, food concepts, spices, plant-based products and snacks. The company's brands are Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Gold&Green and Poco Loco. Paulig has operations in 13 countries and sales amounted to EUR 921 million in 2019. The group has about 2,100 employees. www.pauliggroup.com