Fishing goes digital

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For the past few months, Payair has made it possible for fishing enthusiasists to buy their fishing card "on the fly", and it has proven to be a huge success with the locals. Payair account holders can now buy their fishing card directly in their phone or on Kedjeåsens Fisk/ Kilsbergen Sportfiske website. There is no need to drive miles to the petrol station. Fishing cards can now be purchased in the comfort of your own home or on the spot at the lake. The fishing card is saved in the Payair app and the proof of purchase receipt can easily be shown to the fishing authorities.  

What users of the App say:

"The app is great for us who live far from the petrol station. It saves us so much time." 

"I had my doubts at first regarding buying my fishing card through my phone instead of doing it the old fashioned way, boy was I wrong. This is just fantastic. I've suddenly become a believer in new technologies."

"I downloaded the app, bought the fishing card for the day and it was that easy! So easy! This is the simply the best that could have happened to us who always have to travel so far to buy a fishing card. Thank you!"

Sören Babra
Founder & CEO
+46 73-854 99 99
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