Together with Payair we have developed a digital card portfolio that not only meets the required security rules and functional requirements, but also makes it possible for our customers to tailor the design according to their graphic profiles and specific functions. These are the details that improve the payment experience.
Mats Taraldsson, Digital Business Development Manager for Mastercard in the Nordics and the Baltics
The fact that Payair ranks as Mastercard's only platinum vendor in the world is a huge quality stamp on our work. It shows that we understand the entire process – from card issuer to consumer – and it is an acknowledgment that we have the required experience and skills to deliver certified solutions for large financial institutions.
Sören Babra, CEO and founder of Payair
We are creating a new trade channel with this solution.
Anders Hedman, Head of marketing at Best of Brands
This is perfect for our target audience, as it consists This is perfect for our target audience, as it consists mainly of young people who currently lives with their smart phones. I am convinced that the majority of those who attend our galas prefer to purchase tickets with their smart phone if it is possible.
Christer Radecky, CEO at IRFA
The great thing about this collaboration is that in a very simple way, small and large retailers are able to provide mobile commerce and to take advantage of the benefits it provides, such as smart marketing opportunities and digital receipts.
Joel Risberg, Partner sales at Payair
The agreement with Payair will allow us to leverage all the expertise and developments on the Mobile channel achieved through our platform TEMPO and gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with Cloud services.
Andrea Bianchi, TAS Epay Director
With Payair´s mobile commerce solution, we can offer our customers a quicker and easier shopping process. With this solution we may also be able to offer new trade routes directly from physical adds and billboards which can create new opportunities.
Bernt-Erik Karlsson, head of e-commerce and marketing at Davids
I am convinced that more and more trade will migrate to mobile devices and that it will go fast. Our updated app helps to speed up this process as it makes it even easier to use your mobile phone for shopping.
Petter Östlund, Product Manager Payair
A significant proportion of e-commerce is already being done through mobile phones or tablets. With this solution we facilitate the mobile commerce and make it physical. We take e-commerce to print and create a new concept - let's call it P-commerce now that revenue through tablets are classified as T-commerce.
Moon-Suck Song, CEO and founder of Panagora
Carlos experience is a key and very important addition to our team’s knowledge base. This is critical to enable us to step up our work to take the company to the next level.
Håkan Eriksson, CEO Payair
The foundation has already been laid for Payair’s solution for mobile commerce, which has been operating for over a year. Now we’ll grow in the Nordic countries and internationally.
Håkan Eriksson, CEO Payair
Payair is an extremely interesting enterprise which enjoys a wide lead in an industry whose development will start to pick up proper speed very soon. I can contribute my experience and structure to this company’s rapid development.
Mats Lönnqvist, member of the board
The purchase process will be much easier and quicker for our customers as delivery address and card details already is registered. You only need to make a couple of clicks and the payment is done in less than ten seconds.
Christofer Åslund, CEO CleanCut
It feels really great that we now strengthen our organization with such competent people whose knowledge and experience will be a valuable addition for our future development as a company, our services, but also for our continued international expansion.
Staffan Ljung, CEO Payair
It is very satisfying to find that mobile shopping attracts consumers in their middle ages and even older.
Staffan Ljung, CEO Payair
It is a great recognition for our leading mobile shopping solution to have such an experienced Swiss-Italian team invest in the commercialization of Payairs’ technology across several markets.
Staffan Ljung, CEO Payair
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