Payair Technologies AB och Arninge Golf Club launches mobile ”green fee” payments

Payair makes green fee payments a lot easier!

Payair Technologies AB och Arninge Golf Club is now in full ”swing” making it possible for customers to pay for their green fee using their mobile phone.

Mobile payments are on the rise and the latest addition enabling the latest payment technology via mobile phone is Arninge Golf Club, a 30 minute drive from Stockholm, Sweden. Payair offers an alternative way to pay for your green fee, which is much appreciated when the reception desk is closed or should you want to pay in advance, which also means more time on the green. Club members who has downloaded the Payair app on it’s mobile phone will have no need for cash in their pockets when wanting to play a few rounds. Also, Arninge Golf Club will from now on have no need in handling cash over the counter for their green free payments and easily follow up whether club members have paid their green fees.

It is extremely easy to use. The player downloads the Payair app , logs in using his Mobile BankID (only in Sweden) and registers his/hers bankcard details. Scans a QR code and chooses the type of green fee. Done! The next time the player wishes to play, simply scan the code and pay within seconds!

“As a golfer, I know how difficult it can be to pay the green fee, especially when the reception desk is closed. It happens quite often that I don’t have cash on me and leaving cash in a postbox does not seem secure. This makes it even more fun to launch this service making payments easier for all golf lovers, including myself”, says Petter Östlund, VP Product, Payair Technologies AB.

”Feels great being able to offer our customers a super easy way to pay for their green fees, especially when reception is closed. Payair is simply a great app for making payments which I’m sure our customers will appreciate. In addition to that, it will now become even easier for our customers to show that they have paid for their green fees when we do a ”payment check” on the golf course ” says Lars Nordlöf, Club Director, Arninge Golf Club.

Sören Babra
Founder & CEO
+46 73-854 99 99
Payair is the industry leading mobile shopping solution that offers a fast, easy and secure way for consumers to shop using their smartphones. With the Payair application, consumers can complete their mobile purchase processes in less than ten seconds, on the Internet, as well as in retail shops, restaurants and other shopping environments. Businesses can speed up and simplify their sales processes, resulting in increased sales by using Payair’s suite of mobile shopping solutions. The purchase process includes a purchase button or scanning of QR codes that activates the Payair service on smartphones, authenticates the user, self-checkout and payment by credit or debit card from MasterCard or Visa. The solution is secured with multiple layers of encryption and no sensitive data are stored in the phone. The solution is free of charge for the customers and easy for the merchants to implement within their existing payment systems. Payair is a privately held Swedish company with franchise partners in over 25 countries.


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