Better productivity and safety for a steel wind tower manufacturer TEN

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Torres Eólicas do Nordeste is a Brazilian company that specializes in the manufacturing of metal towers for wind power production. To the company, safety-at-work is a core value and one of the main reasons TEN has implemented PEMA solutions into their manufacturing processes since the establishment of their company. 

Torres Eólicas do Nordeste, TEN, is located near the main wind tower projects in the state of Bahia, within a region that covers over 80% of Brazil’s wind farms. The company was established in 2015, and its mission is to become a top steel tower manufacturer in Brazil. Pemamek has been a part of the company’s journey since the beginning, as TEN paid a visit to Pemamek’s premises in Loimaa, Finland already a year before opening their facilities.

“We have relied on Pemamek since the very early days: we paid a visit to Finland about a year before TEN was established. We were really satisfied with the solutions we saw and received our first order of PEMA solutions already in 2014 “, tells Mr. Roberto Padula, Manager of Operations at TEN.

The first delivery from Pemamek included altogether 12 PEMA Assembly stations to guarantee flawless workpieces and excellent safety. The assembly stations are integrated with six PEMA Column&Booms, varying from PEMA HD 6×4 to PEMA HD 6×7,5. PEMA Heavy-Duty (HD) series is designed for demanding welding automation purposes and enables high-quality production.

“Pemamek’s solution for handling flange fitting helps us to optimize the use of floor space and simplify our production. With PEMA Flange Fitting station, we have achieved significant reduction in process times and with this, our return on investment will be fast”, tells Mr. Carlos Konopatzki, General Manager at TEN.

Pleased with PEMA solutions and the cooperation, TEN decided to take another step towards better productivity in 2019 and invest in PEMA Flange Fitting station. PEMA Flange Fitting station (PEMA FF station) enables fast, safe and accurate fitting and welding of flanges to the wind tower and tower foundation sections. With PEMA FF station, flange fitting is possible without turning the shell, and cranes can be released to other tasks.


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Pemamek is a family-owned limited company with solid finances (AAA-rated company). Today, Pemamek employs 250 personnel at its headquarters and factory in Finland and has local sales offices in the USA, Brazil, Russia, and Poland.