Challenging welds – Your production, PEMA solution

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Pemamek Oy hosts the second webinar of this year by introducing the PEMA robotic welding solutions for challenging welds and workpieces. As speakers, we have two experienced robotic welding professionals Teemu Rusi and Jyri Luhtio.

We welcome you to join our webinar about PEMA solutions for challenging welds.

How to make sure, that products with challenging welds are made efficiently and with the highest quality?

In our second webinar of the year, we will take a deep dive into robotic welding. In the webinar, you will learn about our solutions for adaptive robotic welding and see how the process adjusts automatically to large variations in groove geometries.

Robotic welding is one of the key elements to tackle welder shortage and increased demand for products.  The number of experienced manual welders for challenging multipass-welds is getting lower and lower.

Key takeaways:

•                          How to be efficient in your production with challenging welds

•                          How to weld workpieces with large variations in groove geometries

•                          Increased quality and efficiency with the right tools

•                          PEMA turnkey delivery with robot station, software, welding engineers, and process knowledge

Experience the solutions:

•                          PEMA Robotic welding stations

•                          PEMA WeldControl 300 OFFLINE

•                          PEMA WeldControl 300 SCAN

Meet the speakers:

•                          Teemu Rusi, Application Manager, Heavy Equipment, Pemamek

•                          Jyri Luhtio Application Manager, Offshore and Process Equipment, Pemamek

Thursday, 10th of March, 2022

Register here:

11:00 am (UTC +2)

18:00 am (UTC +2)

The language of the webinar is English. The event is free for all participants.

For more information, please contact:

Pauliina Selinheimo, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Pemamek Oy,, +358 50 528 6535