PEMA roller beds to bring efficiency and quality to Innovative Water Systems

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Higher production efficiency and better product quality: the two core improvements that Innovative Water Systems was looking to make by investing in PEMA welding automation solutions.

PEMA roller beds are suitable for welding plastic products as well: 14 sets of PEMA roller beds were delivered to IWS, a manufacturer of plastic pumping stations, tanks and large pipes. Photo: Innovative Water Systems


In total 14 sets of PEMA roller beds were delivered to the Estonian based manufacturing company to support their chain of improvements and powerful future vision.

“We found out that companies in the metal industry implement these kinds of welding automation solutions in their production, and one of the successful Estonian companies recommended Pemamek to us. We were intrigued to see how suitable PEMA solutions would be for welding plastic products”, starts Margus Aiaots, Export Sales Manager of Innovative Water Systems.

Innovative Welding Systems, IWS, established in Estonia in 2007, manufactures long-lasting, high-quality products made of high density polyethylene (PE) and polupropylene (PP) plastics. The products – plastic pumping stations, tanks and large pipes – are already delivered to an extensive customer base in the Baltics, Nordic and Central Europe. Yet, there is a bigger vision and well-intended plan for the future:

“Our goal is to be the most innovative pumping station producer in Europe within the next five years. Our management has created a strategy to serve that goal and investing in PEMA welding automation solutions is one of the steps in the chain of improvements that we agreed on”, explains Mr. Aiaots.

Before implementing PEMA roller beds into their production, IWS was using a type of roof crane to turn the workpieces. It was not only time-consuming, but also significantly harder for the workers:

“Having the workpiece on the roller beds is so much better. The roller beds support and help moving the workpieces easier and more efficiently, and this results in a higher safety for our employees. We have already received positive feedback from our employees – roller beds are simple to use, and make their workload a lot easier”, continues Mr. Somelar.

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PEMA roller beds to bring efficiency and quality to Innovative Water Systems

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