Pemamek and HGG Partnership Extended to Shipyard Solutions

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Pemamek Ltd., a global welding and production automation provider, and HGG Profiling Equipment BV, a market leader in developing and supplying 3D pipe and profile-cutting machines, have made a joint announcement to extend their strategic partnership to shipyard solutions. With the partnership extension, both companies are now able to supply integrated cutting and welding technology, including profile processing lines, pipe-cutting lines and T-beam manufacturing lines for ship part fabrication. The strategic partnership between HGG and Pemamek to better support both sets of customers was first announced in April of this year.

“HGG has unique expertise in developing automated profile cutting solutions, and through our collaboration Pemamek’s shipbuilding customers will be able to benefit from it. Moving forward, we now have even better capability to provide extensive profile shop solutions to increase our shipyard customers’ production,” summarizes Jaakko Heikonen, CEO, Pemamek Ltd.

With advanced integration between HGG’s profile cutting expertise and PEMA welding automation, shipyard customers will be able to increase productivity, while adding more competitiveness and value to ship part production. Integrated easy-to-use software will bring additional advantages to customers as well. Customers will benefit from full control over cutting and welding processes, as well as be able to make the best use out of collected production data.

The HGG and Pemamek shipyard partnership has already delivered customer benefits. A recent customer solution from Pemamek included technologically advanced PEMA-HGG cutting and welding integration, which resulted in the most advanced production automation lines available for MV WERFTEN’s Rostock and Wismar shipyards.

“Pemamek is the global technology and market leader in welding automation. HGG is a global leader in 3D profiling equipment solutions. The synergy between our technologies is clear. The integration of HGG and PEMA solutions is seamless, both mechanically and through both of our software. With this partnership, both companies are now able to deliver more customer value, while strengthening our combined market presence and client network,” describes Wiebe Wiersma, Global Sales Manager, HGG Profiling Equipment BV.

Both, Pemamek and HGG, will continue to operate as independent entities, with service to their existing customers and industries remaining unchanged.

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Jaakko Heikonen
Chief Executive Officer, Pemamek Ltd.,

Wiebe Wiersma
Global Sales Manager, HGG Profiling Equipment BV,