No tricks, the PFO Shield personal safety app is Halloween's safest treat

Swedish fashion technology company PFO are treating iPhone users to free Halloween downloads of their personal safety app. The PFO Shield app is a top-rated lifestyle app with the innovative, instinctive and discreet 'Pull Plug' alarm function which alerts chosen contacts with your location simply by pulling your headset out of your phone.

Halloween is always a time of concern for safety. Most of us feel that unease of not knowing who are behind those masks. The PFO Shield app allows you to alert your parents or closest friends with your location by pulling your headset cord out of your phone, letting go of your phone, pressing an alarm button, or setting a timer. For example, with the Pull Plug function keep your phone in your pocket with your headset plugged in. If you feel your safety is compromised simply pull the headset cord out of your phone. 'The thing I love about this function is that it's very discreet and that the phone stays in my pocket which lets my parents see where I am once I pull the alarm. ' says app user Alice Eriksson. 

The PFO Shield app is available on iTunes for your free download during Halloween and the following weekend.

Johan Carlsson, VD
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PFO is the world's first company that combines fashion, function and security. Behind the technology are developers of military robotic surveillance, behind the brand image the Grammy awarded graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, and behind the design the celebrated Swedish designer Oscar Magnuson.

Behind PFO's mission to make the world better and safer are names like football manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Australian Open and Davis Cup winner Thomas Johansson, and entrepreneur and mediaman Richard Båge. 


About Us

PFO Tech's mission is to make the world a safer place through innovative technology solutions. We believe that safety is a basic human right and that personal security gives people the freedom and confidence to go about their business, realise their visions and reach their goals. Our personal security solution protects individuals by combining wearable GPS devices with alert function, smart-phone applications and back-end monitoring.