- Journalists, aid workers and employees in dangerous environments make up an increasingly vulnerable group today. Our mission is to give these people increased safety and security by developing technologies around the wearer. We know that the opportunity to immediately report an incident is crucial, and our technology allows a wearer to do just that, says Johan Carlsson, CEO of PFO Tech AB.
Johan Carlsson
Due to the nature of work these individuals do and the risks they take daily against oppressive regimes, it is paramount that we utilise every square inch of cells available to establish a fast and accurate position when an alarm is triggered
Johan Carlsson, CEO PFO tech
With the bracelet now having been made available to any organisation with staff in unsafe areas, such as journalists, lone workers, aid workers and value transport drivers, we must also ensure a seamless transition of cell-id usage for wearers who move quickly across borders,
Johan Carlsson, CEO PFO tech
The bracelets provided by PFO Tech are supporting a very important purpose. We are glad and proud that our technology is used in this way. In critical situations the access of an accurate position can save lives
Rikard Windh, Chairman Combain
Increasing the safety of journalists is key to the freedom of expression around the world, and we believe this type of initiative can make an important difference for our members' safety.
Ernest Sagaga, IFJ
Information is the very foundation of our morals and ideals, and protecting the people who bring us that information is key to knowing where to direct our resources for development. Reporters are a target for doing their job, and it's our job to report when and where they are being targeted.
Johan Carlsson, CEO PFO Tech
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