PFO personal safety bracelet at Swedish design exhibition

The personal security bracelet with GPS tracking PFO One is being shown at the Falkenberg Museum in southern Sweden as part of an exhibition on Swedish innovation and design in safety. 

Historically Sweden has always been at the forefront of safety design. The safety match and the three-point car safety belt are both examples of Swedish innovations that have become part of our everyday lives around the world.

From 23 February to 27 April this design history is being celebrated at the Falkenberg Museum with the exhibition For Your Safety! The exhibition mirrors our society today, focusing on our everyday fears and need for safety. Behind each exhibited object are designers dedicated to these emotions, while applying factors such as form, function, ergonomics and cost. 

The PFO One safety bracelet is designed by Oscar Magnuson. "PFO represents an entirely new category of accessories, containing high-tech alarm functions and GPS. The bracelet is created and designed with the utmost passion in achieving the perfect balance between the function and form. PFO One radiates strength and determination, and at the same time gives the wearer confidence. " says the renowned Swedish accessory designer Oscar Magnuson.

'We are very honoured to have been invited to the exhibition and that the PFO bracelet is the first of it's kind to meet the criteria of this type of design,' says Johan Carlsson of PFO.

Johan Carlsson, VD
46 73 6208610

PFO is the world's first company that combines fashion, function and security. Behind the technology are developers of military robotic surveillance, behind the brand image the Grammy awarded graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, and behind the design the celebrated Swedish designer Oscar Magnuson.

Behind PFO's mission to make the world better and safer are names like football manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Australian Open and Davis Cup winner Thomas Johansson, and entrepreneur and mediaman Richard Båge. 


About Us

PFO Tech's mission is to make the world a safer place through innovative technology solutions. We believe that safety is a basic human right and that personal security gives people the freedom and confidence to go about their business, realise their visions and reach their goals. Our personal security solution protects individuals by combining wearable GPS devices with alert function, smart-phone applications and back-end monitoring.



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